Watching all of Messi’s games will now cost half the price, Apple TV+ slashes MLS Season Pass price

Apple announces MLS Season Pass with a summer offer that will cost just half the original price

Watching all of Messi's games will now cost half the price, Apple TV+ slashes MLS Season Pass price
MLS Season Pass 2024 starring Messi

Good news for football fans and the American league MLS, where Lionel Messi and his team surprised the world with Inter Miami. MLS Season Ticket has halved the subscription price, its original price was 99 euros and will now cost only 49 euros. The reason for this is that it is the middle of the season. If you’re looking for a discount to watch MLS, this is your dream opportunity To see the progress and conclusion of the 2025 season.

Among other features of the MLS Season Pass, seeing Messi will cost you half as much

If you’re already an Apple TV+ subscriber, either individually or through Apple One, the MLS Season Pass will cost just €39.. It is worth noting that at the beginning of the next season, the renewal will be made at the original price of the subscription without any discount. If you apply the Apple offer, do not forget to cancel your subscription to avoid higher charges.

No change to monthly subscriptionTherefore, the only way to benefit from the discount will be to sign an annual subscription contract (in this case, it will be half the duration of the previous season).

MLS Season Pass 2024 is now on Apple TV

MLS Season Pass 2024 is now on Apple TV

What’s included in the MLS Season Pass? In addition to enjoying all league matches, Play-off matches included. League Cup will be held in the summerAn official tournament between MLS and Mexican League clubs. Both domestic tournaments will be paused and the only available event can only be watched on Apple TV+ with the MLS Season Pass.

How successful is the MLS Season Pass?

Cupertino residents did not provide exact information on the number of MLS Season Pass subscriptions. The only clues in this regard indicate that: Apple executives are very pleased with the growth of the platformThe audience is large but the number has not been disclosed.

External data shows MLS Season Pass has between 1 and 2 million subscribers, according to analysts. It is not stated whether this data is available worldwide. The fact is that the MLS Season Pass has received a huge boost with the arrival of Lionel Messi in 2023.

MLS Season Pass 2024 on Apple TV

MLS Season Pass 2024 prices on Apple TV

To continue improving the MLS Season Pass experienceCupertinos have announced the arrival of an experience that will revolutionize the way we watch football. “Catch Up” will summarize an ongoing game so you see the best plays and highlights before enjoying it live.This means that if you missed the beginning and part of the game’s development, you can recap that before reaching the game’s current progress.

One interesting thing about Apple TV+ is that there are games every weekend. Cupertino natives offer 2 free games to help subscribers get closer to the world of American football and they can control the quality of the service, it stands out for its excellent image quality, quality narrators and analysts, as well as a seamless ad-free transmission and good camera angles in each of the important games.

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