It was time!  Prime Video has a new interface and it’s successful

There is no doubt in its content. Prime VideoAmazon’s streaming platform is evolving in a very significant way. But unfortunately, the UI was a bit outdated and stuck in an unattractive development. Well, that will change radically as the company has announced that there will be a new one soon.

The truth is, one of the things the platform needs in order to compete face-to-face with the rest of the services available is, refreshing your UI (and on all operating systems). With that, and given that his TV shows and movies are pretty good—for example, his creations of the Wheel of Time or the long-awaited recreation of Tolkien’s Middle-earth—the future could be met with much more appropriateness. And it must be said that the work done is quite good.

This is the new Prime Video interface

To date, it has not been over-innovated as it has kept the usual in this segment of the market. But if there is one thing that stands out in the new development (no less than 18 months to achieve), it is this: simplicity. Everything is extremely intuitive and the design is dominated by visuals. These allow access to all corners of what the platform has to offer – and even active previews In some sections you can see exactly what a piece of content is about.

They are not missing in the left field shortcuts for quick navigation to desired episodes (this is already common with options like Netflix or HBO Max) and there is no shortage of lists with the most popular options due to user choices. In addition, notable content can be displayed as a carousel. Therefore, it can be said that the best of other works have been taken and brought together in a stable and user-friendly interface. good usability.

Lots of positive and new acetates in every corner and animations They carry, to say the least, very attractive ones from one place to another. Also, the icons are not a simple drawing and allow you to understand exactly what their function is.

New Amazon Prime Video UI

Prime Video

The arrival of the new interface… a mystery

No date has been specified at the moment, but it is known that it will be the first operating system to receive the new Prime Video interface. Android. It will later be released on other platforms such as Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV. We’ll have to wait longer for it to be functional on iOS and certain Smart TV clients (like Tizen), as well as the web version of the video streaming service, by the way.

As it is reasonable to think, some old options will not receive the corresponding updateLike the long-ago generations of Apple TV or the PlayStation 3 client itself.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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