While the Google TV review wasn’t published long ago, the Mountain View company’s operating system hasn’t made any significant improvements in adding features for a long time – even since it was mentioned. AndroidTV-. And this seems to change in a short time.

Undoubtedly, Google’s development is one of the best available for televisions at the moment, but it’s true that it needs a whole new set of innovations so that users don’t get the feeling of using something that hasn’t been updated. bad that this means today). The truth is, some of the options you had planned were known. Add North American firm to its Android-based work.

What’s new for Android and Google TV

One of the most interesting options would be the one that allows you to integrate the Smart TV operating system with Wear OS (used by Google smartwatches) much more effectively. This way it will be possible Control what’s being done with TV from your wrist and even the physical data obtained with the smart watch can be examined on the big screen. Good idea.

Smart TV with Android TV running Spotify


Another of the great additions that will be released for both Android TV and the new version of the development (called Google TV) will be a significant improvement in all things wireless audio. An example of what we said, You can combine the TV with Nest speakers in your home (and thus provides improvements in the position of the heard). Even this may be possible with third-party devices. Pay attention to this.

Something else cooking

This is related to the execution of applications, since it is desirable to perform an optimization of this process, so that experience much better for the user. It is also known that in order to access the aforementioned and yet to come options, Google itself will offer the following to manufacturers who want to use Android or Google T on their devices. 16GB storage minimum (this was now eight).

No specific date has been specified for the arrival of these innovations to the teams, but everything points to this. early 2023 This is when the distribution will begin so that users can enjoy these improvements, which are not bad at all.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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