If you are one of those who have access to television MovistarFor January 2023, we will talk about the premieres that you will enjoy in terms of both movies and new series. The first is more, as always on the Telefónica platform.

The series that opened in its first season (and supposedly the only season) Litvinenko. It shows how the original story of the allegedly poisoned Russian spy put his country aside. With lead actor David Tennant always playing a great role – no matter where you put it – you’re sure to enjoy the intensity of this creation, which debuted on January 11th.

Of the many movies to premiere on Movistar Plus+ in January 2023, probably the most fun for the whole family Jurassic Park Domination. From the very first moment, with the three protagonists and the actors present in the saga, the special effects are top notch and the action is everywhere. A good way to spend the afternoon at home surrounded by dinosaurs… They were never seen on screen. You can enjoy it on the 13th.

Everything coming to Movistar Plus+ in January 2023

Next, we show you everything you need to keep in mind Among the TV series and movies coming to the Telefónica platform, and the truth is that for January 2023, it’s there for everything and everyone. Surely you will not be bored for a day with the planned premieres:

Soap opera

  • Happy Valley: Season 3 starts on January 3
  • Your Honor: season two begins on January 13
  • Supernormal: Season 2 premieres on January 26


  • Three thousand years await you: premiere on January 1
  • Las gentiles: premiere on January 3
  • From her hair, a story of self-confidence: Premiere on January 6
  • Mr. Wain: Premiere on January 7
  • 30 nights with my ex: premieres on January 9
  • Diner: Premiere on January 9
  • Eyes of fire: premieres on January 14
  • Miguel Ángel (The Sin): Premiere on January 17
  • A rough road: premiere on January 17
  • La vida padre: Premiere on January 20
  • Tehran law: premiere on January 24
  • A difficult legacy: Premiere on January 24
  • The perfect dinner: premiere on January 25
  • Black Phone: premieres January 27
  • Volunteer: Premiere on January 28
  • Final adventure: Premiering on January 29
  • Fiscal Twist: Premieres on January 31
  • Bergman’s Island: premieres January 31

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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