The 10 most viral Netflix series to watch on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV

We take a look at the most viral series in the Netflix catalog.

In recent months, the Netflix catalog has introduced some very interesting series.

Audio-visual content platforms streaming It is one of the most demanded alternatives by the audience, especially when it comes to consuming TV series and movies from mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and even laptops and desktop computers.

one of the platforms streaming Netflix is ​​the most viral at the moment. Its catalog is full of great successes that have had and will be, it gets many new features every month and all of its series and movies are compatible with each other. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple TV.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to discover the best Netflix series, but if you want to make the most of any free time opportunity, it’s the right time in space-time to set aside physical reality and immerse ourselves completely in the world. Wonderful universe has been ingrained in the genius minds of the narrative writers, in line with the most viral series on Netflix.


  • Biggest Netflix releases
  • Netflix price and subscription
  • Netflix’s most viral series
    • Wednesday
    • The Witcher: Origin of Blood
    • 1899
    • Alice in the Borderland
    • Squid Game
    • Sand man
    • Umbrella Academy
    • Love, Death and Robots
    • Emily in Paris
    • black mirror
  • How to download Netflix movies and series on iPhone and iPad?

Biggest Netflix releases

Before we dive into the compilation of Netflix’s most popular series, movies and documentaries, we’ll start by briefly talking about the ones that last aired on the platform in December 2022. streaming. There have been a lot of developments lately, then we leave you with new series and movies worth mentioning.

Here are the most important series, movies and documentaries from the latest releases in the Netflix catalog:

  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean – Chapters 25 to 38 – December 1
  • Lego Friends: Christmas Special – 1st of December
  • Paper house: Korea -Season 1 Episode 2 – December 9
  • full throttle – 1st of December
  • Jackal – 1st of December
  • the war of the future – December 2
  • Pinocchio – December 9
  • sonic prime – Season 1 – December 15
  • game of truth – December 12
  • quiet place 2 – December 13
  • don’t answer that call – December 14
  • Emily in Paris – Season 3 – December 21
  • Alice in the Borderland – Season 2 – December 22
  • The Witcher: Origin of Blood – December 25
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Edinburgh Grudge – Episode 1 – December 20
  • reliving christmas – December 20
  • Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical – December 25
  • i am a murderer – Season 4 – December 21
  • betrayal – December 26
  • Circle – Season 5 – December 28
  • alpha men – Season 1 – December 30
  • Queen of the South – Season 3 – December 30

Netflix price and subscription

  • Price: Starting at €7.99 per month with plans of €11.99 and €14.99.

Subscribe to Netflix

Netflix’s most viral series

mac netflix

Netflix platform on MacBook.

Before we start the selection, it is imperative to note that this compilation of the most viral TV shows does not focus on the most current TV shows or movies that have been released recently. We have included more recent series and others not so much. But in general, the selection has a current focus.


Wednesday one spin off From the ‘Adams Family’ movie saga that follows an interesting story about the life of Wednesday character. a series with lots of humor who knows how to preserve the essence of the iconic character in ‘The Adams Family’ while adding modern elements to his universe.

The Witcher: Origin of Blood

Netflix recently released a mini-series spin off from The Witcher. Titled “The Origin of Blood”, this fascinating story tells the adventures of a group of characters belonging to different clans (sorcerers, mages, dwarves, warriors…) as they face off against an entire empire trying to raise a series of monoliths. open a portal. Discovered by the bard of The Witcher and monster hunter from the popular CD Projekt RED video game. The perfect combination between magic, fantasy and action.


1899 passes and a series of mysterious events They change the course of a ship with an unexpected turn that turns their dreams into a real nightmare. From the creators of ‘Dark’, an intriguing tale befitting a blanket and popcorn.

Alice in the Borderland

‘Alice in Borderland’ premiered its second season, and without a doubt, One of the most viral shows on Netflix right now. The story of a group of teenagers who find themselves in some sadistic test where they risk their lives. Very top.

Squid Game

What about the ‘Squid Game’? Probably the most viral drama of today and a real worldwide phenomenon. It shares some similarities with ‘Alice in Borderland’, but its success resonated with much more. to highlight their wonderful and colorful decorations, as well as commentary from most actors and actresses. And… Oh yes! There will be a second season.

Sand man

‘Sandman’ is a series inspired by DC comics that tells us the adventures of the dream god. Everything A real find on Netflix satisfied the audience of the platform. By the way, it reminded us from time to time the psychedelic plot of ‘Legion’, which is a series you should not miss. A discovery that we highly recommend you see.

Umbrella Academy

‘Umbrella Academy’ is an academy of superheroes with incredible powers who will have to face all kinds of problems, including the end of the world. Large dose of humor, amazing special effects and a lofty setting.

Love, Death and Robots

‘Love, Death and Robots’ is a anthology Animation with short chapters that tell the most likely stories. One of the most interesting aspects of this series is that each episode has a different animation style. Super recommended.

Emily in Paris

‘Emily in Paris’ premiered third season It’s a TV series where a recent and american girl moves to paris to work and experiences all sorts of cultural negativity.

black mirror

While we haven’t seen the new season of ‘Black Mirror’ in a long time, we couldn’t think of a viral Netflix series list without adding this one. great english masterpiece Edited by Charlie Brooker.

How to download Netflix movies and series on iPhone and iPad?


Official Netflix app lets you download content

Did you know that downloading content is possible? streaming From Netflix to watch on your iPhone and iPad without an internet connection? Did you know that you can even choose the image quality? TRUE! Netflix knows we watch TV shows and movies often on the go when we are not at home and want to save a few mobile data bills.

The official Netflix app has a very useful setting option that allows you to: download episodes of series and movies in memory of iPhone and/or iPad (subscription required) to play whenever we want. Here are all the steps you need to follow to download Netflix series and movies.

one. Open Netflix on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Access the series, movie or documentary you want to download.

3. If it’s a series, choose an episode.

Four. Click the download button with an arrow pointing down.

5. A blue bar will appear at the bottom showing the download progress.

6. Wait for the download to finish.

7. Click on the blue bar when the text “Download complete” appears.

8. Ready! Now you will be able to watch your favorite TV shows or movies without the need for a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.

List of the most viral or most popular TV series of recent times in various catalog Netflix. Of course, we left many series in the dark. Netflix series like Ozark, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Dark or Marco Polo mini-series also deserve to be on this list. But unfortunately we don’t all fit in! What are your favorite Netflix shows?

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