Primary Video will bet it will become one of the most important sports streaming platforms on the planet. news that Amazon Working on a standalone sports broadcast application is the latest potential breakthrough in the TV landscape in Turkey. United States of Americabecause live sports have become a favorite of major streaming services.

State of Prime Video and sports in the United States

The move, which still appears to be under discussion, was reported this week by The Information. It will be added to the live sports content Amazon currently offers through its platform. Prime Video: Thursday Night Footballwith its scope, Premier League inside United Kingdom and your parties new york yanks in four states. The new app will expand these investments and likely make Amazon an even bigger player in an area that has already proven lucrative for them.

Prime Video wants to be the world's largest sports platform

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Amazon spent $1 billion to buy the exclusive rights to Thursday Night Football from the US. nfl 11 years from this season. As the first game release, the investment immediately paid off. Kansas City Chiefs opposite Los Angeles ChargersIt was the most-watched first night in the United States in Prime Video history.

But the move to Amazon Sports is the latest in a crowded field of streaming services approaching TV by broadcasting live sports. Recently, Google agreed to remove NFL Sunday Ticket It evolved into two YouTube iterations starting in 2023. The deal was worth about $2 billion a year, according to the Wall Street Journal. It will be held on Sunday Ticket. YouTube TV will be available as an add-on and also YouTube thanks to its function Premium Channels.

What plan does Amazon have for sports in Spain?

Currently, Amazon Prime Video has reached an agreement to retransmit. Smartbank League (Second League) through the streaming platform. Subscription to this football package costs 9.99 Euros. There are a few other channels that you can enjoy live streaming like traditional television. We’ll have to wait to see if Prime Video will oppose proposals like the one below. Movistar+ anyone DAZN SpainThe best offer for this sports section of live broadcasts right now.

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