Netflix explains how it wants to terminate shared accounts, and it’s a drama

Well, it was expected to happen and it finally happened. Netflix has conveyed how it will follow so that platform accounts are not shared.. Therefore, what the company intended has already come true, and to make everything clear, the company has changed the terms of use that must be followed. In other words, the decision is as real as it is close.

The terms require that only cohabitants have the option to access an account, which virtually eliminates the possibility of sharing anything because processes are activated precisely to avoid it. And what are they? Well, they vary between usage access IP addresses by passing through the identifiers of recognized devices -and they are common in the same place-. Therefore, reliability is aimed at high, which is something that some doubt is achievable.

The thing is, new conditions Usage of the service is as follows (at least when it comes to account sharing): “Anyone in your household (who lives with you at your primary location) can use your Netflix account. To ensure your devices are associated with your location, connect to your home Wi-Fi network, open the Netflix website or app, and at least 31 Play one game a day.” White and, as they say, in the bottle.

This wasn’t exactly what Netflix was expecting

The general belief was that the company offered users the opportunity to pay a monthly bonus for sharing an account, and even tests were conducted in different regions to verify the effectiveness of this system. However, it seems that the company was not very satisfied and has been much more aggressive in its decision, because on the web “people who don’t live with you will need to use their own account to watch Netflix. We can prevent Netflix from being viewed on devices that are not part of your home location.” Notice to boaters.

Building with Netflix sign


Therefore, it is already known how Netflix will act to detect shared accounts and how far it will go if this happens. But of course there are doubts. An example would be if you go on vacation or if you want to work elsewhere and use your account. And the truth is that this is something that could be considered a drama because extra effort for users (and maybe scare more than one). Basically, you will have to use a system of personally requested codes for temporary access from elsewhere. This, to be honest, is a bit crazy and adds complexity to something that doesn’t have it.

When will this apply?

This is something the company hasn’t announced at this time, but what is certain is that the implementation will happen. sometime in 2023. So, if you’re one of those who have a shared Netflix account, you can now take the appropriate precautions and evaluate whether the code system is something worth putting up with.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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