After some delays caused by the market situation, the platform Sky Show Time confirmed the date services can be contracted in Spain. That means companies like Netflix or HBO Max have a new headache, which of course has some major appeal. One of them is the price, as we will mention.

The selected day for the service to start in our country next February 28, so it’s just around the corner. And one of the ways it has to compete with its rivals, at least for now, price your subscription. This will usually be € 5.99 per month. However, there is a very important introduction offer: contract access at startup (duration currently unconfirmed), you will have 50% discount. Therefore, we are talking about a truly appetizing option.

The content you’ll find on SkyShowtime

The catalog you will find on the new platform, which has been shared in Spain, is much wider as it has licenses from different content producers. Some examples are as follows: DreamWorks Animation; Sky Studios; Paramount Pictures; Peacock; and even Universal Studios. For this reason, the quantity and quality of the movies and TV series you will find is quite high.

Not all possibilities are available from the very first moment, but some that will definitely catch your attention are confirmed. You can enjoy it without going any further. sherry like halo; Star Trek: Strange New Worlds; Yellowstone: Rising or Vampire Academy. Between moviesThere’s also good news you can find from the Mission Impossible sagas; Jurassic Park; return to the future; Star wars; fast and furious; or Mamma Mia!

National content will not be missing

This is something that is included so that SkyShowtime is as attractive to users as possible and that way the recordings are continuous. Among the options that will be available platform catalog from day one BoséThe biography of the well-known Spanish singer. There will also be The Envoys, a thriller creation.

Image of the Halo universe from SkyShowtime

Sky Show Time

Also, the service is already own advertised content It will increase the options for those you are working on and have an account. Some of the games that have been confirmed to be coming soon include: Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, A Town Called Malice, and Fatal Attraction.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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