Apple TV+ has more and more content and you can enjoy it absolutely free if you follow these steps.

Apple’s streaming movie and series service, A very affordable price of only 4.99 euros per monthProbably one of the cheapest on the market. And over time, we already have a huge amount of content, which includes many TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Moreover, We have ways to watch Apple TV+ absolutely free on any of our devices.

Apple’s bet with the service focuses on the quality of service rather than the quantity of production, a very typical Apple bet. But the company hasn’t stopped buying and producing new TV shows and movies, and we have new premieres on Apple TV+ every week.


Apple TV+ content is getting more relevant

Options to enjoy Apple TV+ completely free

To enjoy Apple TV+ is completely free You should choose one of the active promotions that Apple’s TV series and movie service has. We have many promotions where we can see all the content of Apple TV + without spending a single euro.

  1. 7 days free trial. The first option is direct, Apple you a free 7-day Apple TV+ subscription when you subscribe for the first time. If you unsubscribe on the 7th, they won’t tell you anything and you’ll enjoy a free week of Apple TV+.
  2. One month with Apple One. Apple One is Apple’s suite of services that includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, Apple Watch, and iCloud+ with extra storage and you can try it for free for a month. Afterwards, the subscription will be charged if you do not cancel beforehand.
  3. Three months of free Apple TV+ when you buy an Apple device. If you buy a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Mac, Apple gives you 3 months of Apple TV+ for free. When you launch it the same day or a little later, a notification will appear to activate them. Of course, you must cancel the subscription before the 3 months are up.
  4. Six months free for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users. Sony has an agreement with Apple that allows owners of PS5 or PS4 consoles to enjoy free Apple TV+ for 6 months with a PlayStation Network account and an Apple ID. Simply download the Apple TV app to your console and follow the instructions.
  5. Apple Music for Students. Finally, if you subscribe to Apple TV+ and you’re a student, not only will you pay for half of your music, Apple also gives you an Apple TV+ subscription for free.

In addition to these promotions; you can find others available. LG and Apple have been offering similar promotions when purchasing a new television, though not in all countries or all televisions.

All you need to remember is to cancel your Apple TV+ subscription before the free period ends, this way Apple will not charge you anything. Also, if you have taken advantage of any of these promotions before, you may not be able to take advantage of the others. In other words, if you took advantage of more than 7 free days, these days will likely be discounted if you want to activate other promotions.

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