Apple has planned to release some beautiful colorful AirPods to match the finish of the iPhone.

However, the company canceled the project for unknown reasons.

Apple cancels different color versions of AirPods

We recently discovered that Apple is planning to launch a MagSafe charger available in a variety of colors and is even preparing some prototypes of the product. However, for whatever reason, the project could not be realized. The same source that leaked this information has now revealed that Apple is considering this too. Throw in some colorful AirPods Long time ago.

Again, the venture did not reach the market. It seems that Apple wanted to release different versions of AirPods in color. black, pink, purple, gold and PRODUCT(RED). The idea was to match the colors of the AirPods to the colors of the iPhone 7 skin, but the project was also canceled for unknown reasons.

The market is crying for colorful AirPods

According to the news in MacRumors, a Twitter user named AirPods has different prototypes in color versions. @KosutamiSan had the opportunity to access:

Click on the tweet images to enlarge the photos.

“Apple was planning to release a color version of the first generation AirPods, they planned to make it pink, ProductRED, purple, black, blonde. Reason: They wanted a color that would go with the iPhone 7.”

This prototype collector added a very interesting and interesting fact and apparently Apple didn’t cancel the project in the early stages of development, but they canceled their plans so close to their debut.

Since the birth of the original AirPods in 2016 An alternative with a coating in a color other than white has never been offered. The only AirPods available in a variety of colors are the AirPods Max, but they’re headphones after all. Users of the Apple ecosystem and consumers in the general market have long wanted colorful AirPods from Apple, but that was not the case.

Strange, because Apple’s AirPods have dominated wearable sales for years, and Apple has more than enough margin to try other alternatives.

Even so, some companies, such as ColorWave, offer a service to customize AirPods with different colors, but the price is slightly higher, around 300 euros. Another option for those who want to add style to their wearable is to use AirPods cases, there are many cases and they are tailored to the tastes of each wearer.

Source: i Padizate

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