9 new features of watchOS 9 you didn’t know

The new version of the Apple Watch operating system is full of surprises.

By Sergio J. Ortiz on Apple Watch

In mid-September, Apple released the latest version of watchOS 9 with a lot of interesting new features such as low power mode or sleep monitoring. But there are minor changes inside the software. watch OS 9 which went unnoticed.

If you’re considering downloading and installing watchOS 9 on your Apple Watch, or if you’ve already installed it, you’ll want to learn about this series. improvements and news Implemented in Apple Smart Watch OS update.

In this list, we will present a collection of news that you may not know yet, either because they are more secret or because Apple did not mention it in the watchOS 9 software presentation.

These are the lesser known news of watchOS 9 for Apple Watch

watch OS 9

watchOS 9 comes with lots of news for Apple Watch

follow podcasts

It seems like a trivial innovation, but while you could listen to podcasts from the Apple Watch before, it wasn’t possible to follow a program directly from the watch, but had to do it first from the iPhone and then get all the news of each. podcast on wrist.

Now, with watchOS 9 hitting the scene, it’s finally possible follow and unfollow podcast shows directly from the Apple Watch software. You can choose to search for a podcast or find it in the “Listen” section to follow.

Add calendar events

Something similar happened with the Calendar app. Prior to the release of watchOS 9, it was possible to access all the information of upcoming events in the calendar… but you could not add new events. Fortunately, now you can Add events to Calendar app directly from Apple Watch.

To add a new event to the calendar with watchOS 9, simply open the Calendar app, tap the (…) button, and choose the option to add a new event. It’s that simple.

Receive email notifications

Apple Watch users have always had the ability to receive email notifications on the Apple Watch. Of course, as long as it’s paired with the iPhone. With watchOS 9 this will change and Email notifications will keep coming Even if the Apple Watch is far from the iPhone.

As reported by Macrumors, the new functionality uses iCloud servers to access email accounts. Now, the feature needs to be manually enabled in the Mail section of the iPhone’s Watch app.

new astronomy sphere

4 new watchOS 9 watch faces

4 new faces in watchOS 9

With the arrival of iOS 16, the signature bitten apple logo brought to life a series of new animated or dynamic wallpapers to enhance the customization of the iPhone Lock Screen. But now with watchOS 9, we have a vintage inspired wallpaper or watch face. astronomy similar to dynamic wallpapers.

The new astronomy watch face in watchOS 9 is actually an improved version of the previous astronomy watch face, but with many new features. includes a star chart, location-based weather information, and views of the Moon, planet Earth or Solar System. It support for two complications and allows you to customize the typography. This is a very complete sphere. It is also possible to see the different phases of the Moon by turning the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch.

Customize orbs with concentration modes

Concentration mods have come to the Apple ecosystem to stay. Each focus mode has multiple customizable features, and watchOS 9 is one of them. spheres.

So we can choose a different sphere for each concentration mode. Besides offering an aesthetic change, it’s an extremely useful thing that allows users to instantly know in detail what concentration mode they are using.

As always with such customization features, changes must be made through the iPhone’s Settings app. In this case specifically from the “Concentration modes” section. You just have to choose the orb you like the most and that’s it.

View changed messages

One of the great new features of the Messages app in iOS and iPadOS 16 is the ability to edit already sent messages. When a user changes a message, a blue indicator text appears with the word “Edited” in its status. This also happens in watchOS 9.

But in addition to this, watchOS 9 the possibility to see the changes of received messages. To do this, all you have to do is hold your finger on the word “Edited” colored blue to reveal all changes. Click “Hide versions” to hide them again.

Change the order of apps in the Dock

watchOS 9 Notification Center

watch OS 9

The Apple Watch Dock provides a quick view of the latest apps along with the most used apps. But watchOS 9 allows apps running in the background appear in the first locations your dock.

This is a function that greatly simplifies the use of the software, and you do not need to take any action to activate this innovation of watchOS 9 as it is enabled by default.

Disable mobile data

Although it may sound like a bad joke, it was not possible to disable Apple Watch’s mobile data in previous versions of watchOS software. This caused mobile data to consume huge amount of battery.

Finally, with watchOS 9, Apple decided to implement a button so users can: disable mobile data your Apple Watch when they deem it necessary.

Change text size from Control Center

watchOS Control Center is and always has been one of the most useful settings panels in the system. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get minor improvements that complement your user experience.

With the release of watchOS 9, Apple Watch users are now change text size directly from Control Center. A great accessibility feature.

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