These will be the new health functions of the Apple Watch

Apple is considering new ways to integrate sensors into the Apple Watch

Apple says so. The advanced sensors of the Apple Watch Series give us a world of data about our health. And they don’t stop working to make it happen from the bitten apple. So while we wait for a sensor to measure glucose on the new generation Apple Watch, A patent recently filed by Appleconfirms that a system has been developed for these components to do much more for us.

The patent in question Apple is working to integrate Apple Watch health sensors directly into a bandheadband, garment associated with the device.

More sensors on the Apple Watch

recommends document create space between the first and second part of the watch band fabric to add an electrical component and that it can be electrically connected to conductive wires in space if desired.

The exterior of the component may contain skin and/or tracker-facing input and output devices (for example, a heart rate sensor, a blood oxygen sensor, a microphone, a speaker, a display, an indicator, a touchscreen, a button, etc.) , the interior may contain circuits that communicate electrically with the external input and output devices.

From this possibility It would be easier to add new sensors to the Apple Watch and greatly enhances methods already known to care about its users. However** you will have to wait a few more years for this feature**. Currently, the company’s followers are waiting for the launch of the Apple Watch Series 9.

Although little is still known about what the ninth generation of the device will be, three models of this 2023 smartwatch are expected to be offered. But as Apple’s vice president of international product marketing, Bob Borchers, recently noted, it is believed that beyond the design and other features, Apple can finally meet the biggest demands of users and certainly increase the autonomy of the device.

Source: i Padizate

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