Having a WiFi signal repeater at home is almost a necessity these days. As the world becomes more and more connected, Internet must be working properly in all rooms, no signal problem

Small devices are a useful tool, especially for those who have no experience with network configuration because most of them have their own applications for this task. There are also several models that can be mounted on the ceiling of your room or even an outlet without the need to drill through the wall.

Today Technology World It better explains what a WiFi signal repeater is, how it works, and brings you the best models to improve your home internet. Check out!

What is a WiFi signal repeater and how does it work?

As the name suggests, it is a WiFi signal repeater. It is a device that multiplies the Internet signal and extends it to a specific area. However, it is possible to ensure that an outside area of ​​the house, for example, can have the same connection quality as the room where the main router is located.

Unlike the router, which is responsible for bringing the internet signal to a specific location, repeaters simply expand this connection without increasing or decreasing the original speed.

For example, if your network plan is 100MB, the routers will only help the rooms of this speed by expanding the working area, preventing the main signal from reaching the main signal with clean and all contracted speed due to potential problems.

The biggest advantage of having a WiFi signal repeater is that it enables devices using wireless internet such as mobile phones, tablets, video games to have the same connection wherever they are installed.

In companies, it’s typical for devices to be precisely positioned in every part of the office so that the speed remains the same throughout the environment.

The router is very helpful for those who want to stay connected at home or at work.

What are the main types of routers?

Anyone who thinks that repeaters have a similar format to routers is wrong. On the contrary, most appliances, especially for home use, have a slightly different look.

The most common and most used model is what many call the “spider”. This is because it has several antennas and usually placed on the ceiling of a room to extend the signalwhich makes it look like a spider.

The repeater with several external antennas is one of the most used by companies.

Another model that has become very popular is the socket. However, it is not necessary to drill through walls and ceilings, simply plug in the power as if it were a mosquito repellent.

And finally, there is a more compact model used mostly by those who travel a lot. It has a format similar to that of a large pen drive, but has all the functionality that other iterators have.

Portable repeater is ideal for those who travel a lot

5 router models worth investing in

– Xiaomi Pro 300mbps repeater

Xiaomi’s device is a great option for home use. It has the ability to expand around the house. Up to 300MB connections for up to 64 devices on the same network. Besides being small and compact, it has two powerful antennas that help spread WiFi throughout the house.

Xiaomi Pro 300Mbps

– Wireless Repeater 300 Mbps Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 2

wifi repeater

For those who like to travel a lot and want to always have a good connection, Xiaomi has a portable repeater. With this it is possible to expand a speed of up to 300MB on a network frequency of up to 2.4 GHz. It has a size small enough to even fit in your pocket to complete it.

– Access Point Wireless Repeater 300 Mbps D-Link

wifi repeater

Another good option for those who want to guarantee the quality of the connection without paying too much is the D-Link model. As it is considered as a reference brand in routers, it does not leave it incomplete in iterators.

With speeds up to 300MB and even an RJ45 port for connecting a network cable if needed, this compact model is proof of that.

– TP-Link Powerline Wireless Repeater 300 Mbps

wifi repeater

For those looking for practicality, TP-Link brings the Powerline model, which, as the name suggests, is directly connected to energy. Just plug it in to boost the connection speed by up to 300MBIn an electrical network up to 300 meters.

– TP-Link Deco M4 AC1200 300Mbps repeater

wifi repeater

For those seeking maximum quality, the Deco M4 AC1200 is the ideal model. It has a transmission rate of at least 300 MB at 2.4 GHz and 867 MB at 5 GHz, so if you have a very high speed broadband, this repeater always maintains high quality of the internet.

Now that you know how it works, what types of routers there are and the best models, choose the one that best suits your needs and you will no longer be without internet in certain parts of your home.

Source: Tec Mundo

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