multinational Google LLCIt is one of the most important companies worldwide since day one. serving the needs of millions of people found in different vehicles. Everything you need to make your daily activities easier.

Frequently, the tech giant doesupdates and implements new functions To protect and retain over 102 billion users.

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In his latest announcements, Google confirmed its functionality. ‘smart writing’ in your dick Google ChatThe application that replaces Hangouts from 2021.

The news portal of the technological multinational company shows: this new app is usefulSince trained with machine learning and helps users reduce spelling and grammatical errorsIt also reduces the time spent typing text.

Google blog, “smart writing”, aims to guide the user’s writing by suggesting contextual statements that may be relevant and is used in the subject, as written.

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It has also been learned that it has a function. ‘smart answer’this is the user Google Chat, choose from app-suggested replies to messages that pop up in conversations.

Google assures that it will implement these functions to allow its users to compose texts, emails and chats in some way. “faster and easier” to make the function available Spanish, French, English, Japanese and Portuguese.


Source: Exame

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