Now Yandex Plus users can use the new “Where are you?” With its function, they will be able to easily track the location of their children. It is available in the Yandex application with Alice and you need to have the “Plus for Kids” option to connect. This feature is available on Android devices and will soon be available for iOS as well.

Studies have shown that many middle-aged children own smartphones. Therefore Yandex “Where are you?” activated the function. It is switching to the “Plus Kids” option for its more than 23 million subscribers. Thanks to this feature, parents can not only see their children’s location on the map, but also create lists of places they visit regularly, such as schools and relatives’ homes. The app also notifies parents when the battery charge of the child’s device drops below 20%.

“Where are you?” The function uses geolocation technologies to determine the location of children. It uses the coordinates of the nearest base stations, mobile operators and Wi-Fi in areas where GPS communication is limited. Parents can easily install this function on parent and child devices through the Yandex with Alice app.

Source: Ferra

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