Denial of accusations former Uibismo presidential candidate Óscar Iván Zuluaga, for $1.6 million in revenue from the multinational Odebrecht, He predicts that a fight will break out between his defense and the prosecution.

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Just as you guessed EL TIEMPO, Zuluaga, is eager to show strategist José Cavalcanti de Mendonça that he did not pocket a single dollar of what was transferred. (‘Duda’ Mendonça) will cover his work in the 2014 campaign.

In fact, if you manage to bargain (who received the highest penalty) to the prosecutor’s office in order to eliminate the unjust enrichment crime they committed. others to negotiate: falsification of a private document and procedural fraud.

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But for the prosecution, it is clear that Zuluaga’s Presidential campaign not only accepted this change, but also agreed to replace the votes with millionaires – for 25,000 million pesos – through fraud and deception. under this scenario, the accidental judge warned him that neither he nor his entourage could dispose of the goods. And if he admits this charge, he must immediately return 50 percent of the usufruct of the crime.

TIME was expected He researched the warning and found the last few moves in the title deeds of some Zuluaga properties.

to Zuluaga On paper, there are three more properties in Bogotá and one more in Caldas.

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According to a recent performance The notary in Bogotá appears to be donating a 126-square-foot home to his wife, Martha Liga Martínez, on the Alto de Marianita country estate at 75, Pennsylvania (Caldas). The house was purchased in 1993 by Zuluaga from the company Agropecuaria Betania SA for 23 million pesos at that time.

Same day, same notary, Under the figure of ‘nuda propiedad’ (the concept that a person has a right to a property without using it), Zuluaga also donated his share of the two assets to his wife.

First It is a warehouse located in the Puerto Central industrial park, near the free zone of Bogotá. The winery was purchased in May 2021 by Zuluağa’s mother and 8 uncles of the former candidate.

discussion It was made for 2,100 million pesos, and almost two years later, in December 2022, his mother donated the percentage to him and his 3 brothers.

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Later, Zuluaga donated his share (2.78%) to his wife.

donation These and other assets were on the day the prosecution announced it would charge him.

other property What Zuluaga’s wife received as a donation was an apartment in Rincón del Chicó, north of Bogotá. Zuluaga’s mother bought it, too.

And in December 2022, The former candidate’s mother donated the 264 square meter property, worth 558 million pesos in the papers, to her three children.Including Oscar Ivan.

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This is meOn the same day, he transferred his share to his wife at the same notary public.

The only feature visible The name Zuluaga is an apartment with an area of ​​158 square meters, purchased in 1995 for 143 million pesos in Rincón del Chicó.

This is the only property not donated by him. According to Zuluağa to his wife and real estate market records, a property with similar characteristics in the region properties can cost between 800 million and 1,200 million pesos today.

EL TIEMPO, Daniel García Arizabaleta, who recorded Zuluaga, was also in the tightrope for illegal enrichment, which the newspaper learned at the time that his wife was negotiating for a property.

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resources Courts, in search of properties in Arizona, A family plot that changed hands in October 2020 found it interesting.

EL TIEMPO researched and He found that at that time, Carolina Nader (García Arizabaleta’s wife) had purchased the 1,367 square meter property from her mother-in-law (Teresa Arizabaleta) for 690 million pesos.

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