Gastronomy is characteristic of every country and region in the world, when it comes to Colombia, the dishes stand out for their taste and variety. However, there are two street foods that are classified as the worst according to TasteAtlas, a famous gastronomic platform.

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The portal displays the results of the list. “The World’s 10 Worst Rated Street Food” TesteAtlas was selected based on the audience rating, that is, users recognized by the system. “knowing”.

By July 5, 2023, 47,278 ratings were registered, of which 31,037 were considered legitimate by the system. TasteAtlas rankings should not be viewed as the ultimate global food-related outcome.”, mentioned the portal.

Colombia occupied positions 10 and 2 in the classification. Next, we detail the foods in question:

This dish is made with corn, cassava or potatoes and wrapped in banana leaves. The bun got a low rating on TasteSkip, though. An iconic food in different parts of Colombia, native to the Caribbean Coast.

It is generally consumed with cheese at any time of the day, such as breakfast.

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Big-ass ants are in second place after the first row, which corresponds to the fried spiders of Skuon, Cambodia. in various parts of Colombia, especially Santander

This dish is consumed as a fried delicacy. The ants are fried for 45 minutes and their wings are removed by hand before being eaten.

However, the ratings on the portal do not explain the views or reasons for being classified as “worst”. TesteAtlas assured that the aim was not only to spread ideas around the world, but also to spark curiosity about dishes that other people had not tried, and they would certainly be encouraged to try to verify the information.


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