Apple Maps and Google Maps: Apple Maps is now superior in certain aspects

Apple Maps continues to improve every year.

Apple Maps and Google Maps: Apple Maps is now superior in certain aspects
Apple Maps and Google Maps are the two most popular map apps in the industry.

launch apple maps It was harshly criticized by a wide range of users in 2012. Obviously, when compared google mapsThere was a lot of room for improvement. Some map data was wrong, no street level view, no offline navigation.

Now the debate has reopened with the multi-functions coming onto the scene, and especially with the arrival of offline maps in Apple Maps with iOS 17. Right now many users are starting to choose Apple Maps over Google Maps for several reasons.

Apple Maps can finally compete face-to-face with Google Maps

According to reports compiled by The Wall Street Journal, one of the most popular reasons why users prefer Apple Maps over Google Maps is; residing clarity of directionson your system public transport and in its visual aesthetics design.

apple maps

Apple Maps is slowly getting closer to Google Maps

However, Google Maps is still the king to be beaten. While Apple Maps has improved significantly over the last few years by offering some really great mapping features, the vast majority of iPhone and iPad users have the Google Maps app installed on their devices and use it frequently.

However, Apple Maps a wide variety of very important developments In recent years. It all started with real-time traffic information, then the three-dimensional image took the stage and gradually more exciting new features were added, such as the Look Around function (Panoramic View), FlyOver and download. Maps for navigating without an internet connection.

apple maps

The Look Around function allows you to see a panoramic view of a region (City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain).

In the end, it all depends on the experience each app to its users. During Google Maps is seen as an app with more complete and more reliable informationApple Maps is often listed as one of the highest rated map apps. intuitiveness and ease of use, also the user interface has a very attractive and visual design.

Additionally, some users are aware that Apple Maps much easier to read street addresses. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a street name on Google Maps, even when you zoom in on the maps. It’s the little details that turn the balance to one side or the other. And for you… which map app is better?

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