The Colombian Sovereignty contest made history by changing the rules to allow a married woman with children to present herself as one of the candidates for the crown. And now Camila Avella is the woman who finally fulfilled her dream of participating in the competition thanks to this rule change.

Miss Casanare, now Miss Colombia, is 28 years old and has a long history as a model in the country. She managed to fulfill her dream of participating in beauty pageants with her husband and daughter. it always was one of the favourites.

The Queen is married to a businessman named Nassif Kamle, who is dedicated to the textile industry in different countries of South America. Their wedding was a simple celebration as they decided to get married during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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A few months later, they announced to the world that their family would be growing due to Camila’s pregnancy. The girl they named Amelia, Born on April 14, 2021 and now she’s only two years old, according to her mother’s victory as Miss Colombia.

Camila Avella is a native of Yopal, the capital city of Casanare. She is a social communicator and journalist herself, and she once hosted Desafío. But her biggest challenge as a model definitely comes as the Queen of Colombia, as this will not only guarantee her a crown and Miss Universe participation, but will also lead her to do charity work to fit in by taking a tour around Colombia. values ​​of the competition. .

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Avella will demonstrate the importance of diversity for Colombian identity among the tasks it must fulfill.

To prepare for the upcoming competition There will be expert teachers on general culture, podium, presentation, protocol, diplomatic relations and languages.

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