One of the most notable updates to WhatsApp this year was video messages to communicate in a different way. Call links allow any user with the link to join your meeting. whether it is registered in your contacts or not.

Other changes have also been made, such as the option to edit texts sent to a contact. But, This change must be made within 15 minutes of your arrival. After this estimated period, the user will not be able to change the text.

This option, which many WhatsApp consumers have been waiting for a long time, is now Moved to Instagram, one of the most used social networks It is also a part of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta practices among young people.

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According to ‘iSocial Cult’, you can now also edit text messages sent to a contact on Instagram, so you can now To correct spelling errors you need to put an asterisk. You can even add information if that’s what you need.

According to the website mentioned above, to make the change you have to go to one of the chats and in the last message you sent, Press until a small window appears with different options.

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There you should select ‘option’You need to correct a typo‘. Once you have made the changes you need to tap ‘Make changes’, finally when you are sure the message is what you want you need to click save changes and that’s it.

Please note that this option will work the same as in WhatsApp; So 15 minutes after sending the message, You will not be able to edit the text you sent to your best friend, your sister or anyone you chat with on the ‘app’.



Source: Exame

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