According to various customer reports Davivienda, there is a malfunction in the system that causes bank access restrictions.both through the web portal and the app.

Similarly, decreases are reported in services such as: Nequi and Bancolombia.

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While banks are now responding with messages of lull, they assure that there is a failure spreading, in the Nequi example, for example.

Some reports took hours, Including complaints about not being able to withdraw money from ATMs. However, for now The Dijín Police Computer Crime Unit does not have a hacking report.

According to several Davivienda customers on social networks, they had problems with their credit and debit cards and were unable to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Davivienda already responded and said “ATM network is enabled and in operation as well as our offices. Likewise, those who need to use payment tools can now do so through businesses and use their credit cards without any problems.

The Bank pointed out that this situation does not endanger the security of our customers’ resources. “The source of this situation is not any attack or violation of the bank’s infrastructure. A team of experts in the field of technology is working to solve problems in channels
We continue to provide the best service with Davivienda and DaviPlata.”

In the case of Nequi, the company noted that there have been some outages in recent weeks.

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“We recognize that our operation and availability are essential so that people can move money in their daily lives and meet their daily needs. We detected which module the fault is in. and with teams We are implementing a plan with experts in Colombia, the USA and Brazil. Considering that it is a complex process and requires stability, action should be taken to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

They added that they distributed free Nequi Cards to the most affected users who have a single or main account on the company’s services and who use the platform constantly, so that these customers can make their physical and digital purchases. . .

“In the past 3 years, we have directly increased the capacity of our team and partners by 5 times. This year alone, our capacity on the service front has increased by 60 percent compared to the previous year. Today, around 90 percent of our users get a response on their first contact With Nequi”, the company emphasized.

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