On the morning of Thursday 1, the Federal Police carried out an operation aimed at fulfilling four arrest warrants in Itajaí (SC) to disperse a criminal group that operates an investment company. With the promise of high profits in the financial market, one couple even raised around 10 million BRL until they suspended withdrawals and left investors at a loss.

The work, called Operation GUITAR, resulted in the duo’s temporary arrest, in addition to carrying out search and seizure orders in the city center and São Judas district. While the watch, notebook and mobile phones were confiscated with the suspects, an investigation will now be made.

The couple was charged For crimes against the National Financial System, fraud and money laundering. Although photos of the two detainees circulated on social media that afternoon, PF did not confirm the identity of the couple.

How did the coup work?

The Federal Police determined that the couple was running a fraudulent investment company. Promising up to 8% monthly income. After the “Crowdfunding Investor Adhesion Term” was signed, day trading or swing trading methods exploited by robots supposedly made profits with funds and operations in the financial market.

The couple founded the company and managed to collect around 10 million BRL from customers in Santa Catarina between April 2019 and September 2021. According to PF, they were part of a group of scammers who operated “financial pyramid schemes.”

At the end of 2021, as always with such blows, The company definitively blocked withdrawals and stopped communicating with its “customers”. The Federal Court ruled that property assets associated with the four persons, individuals and legal entities under investigation could not be used, confiscated and abducted.

Source: Tec Mundo

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