Although iPhone is a widely recognized smartphone series, there may be some features that you as a user are not yet aware of. Therefore, here we will tell you how to remove background from photos, take a quick screenshot, scan documents and more. iphone cheats.


Remove background from multiple photos at once

– Go to ‘Photos’
– ‘Click’ the ‘Select’ button and tick the photos you want to remove the background
– Select ‘Share’ then ‘Save to Files’
– Save images to the folder you are interested in
– Enter ‘Files’
– Find the folder where you saved your photos
– Tap the three dots button and press ‘Select’
– Select the photos you want to remove the background
– Tap the three dots button again and select ‘Remove Background’

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do karaoke

– Enter the ‘Music’ app
– Tap the screen to view the player
– Tap the quoted balloon button to see the lyrics of the song
– Tap the microphone button to start singing, you can hold it for a few seconds to adjust the volume of the main vocal of the song.
Please note that for this feature, your device must support Apple Music Sing.

Check battery of bluetooth devices connected to iPhone

– Enter ‘Settings’
– Select ‘Bluetooth’
– Tap the “i” next to the device name

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While this path is an option, you can also find your devices battery level by tapping the headphone icon in the control center or the blue next to other icons.

Compress PDF
– Go to the ‘Files’ folder
– Find the document you want to compress and long press on it
– Displayed ‘Quick Actions’ at the bottom of the menu
– Select ‘Optimize file size’

scan documents

– Open the ‘Notes’ app
– Select the button to create a new note
– Tap the ‘Camera’ icon
– Take a photo of the document or image you need to scan
– Adjust the image and select ‘Hold’
– The document will appear in the notes option

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quick screenshot

– Enter ‘Settings’
– Select ‘Accessibility’
– Press ‘Play’ – ‘Play’
– Choose the number of touches you prefer to give
– Activate the ‘Screenshot’ option
– From now on, every time you need to take a screenshot, just tap the back of your iPhone.

Another option is via Siri, in this case, simply say “Hey, Siri” and ask them to take a screenshot.

Memoji on Facetime

– Search on Facetime
– Press the star shaped effect icon
– Select ‘Memojis’
– Choose emoji according to your liking to change your face

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Translate a text with the camera

– Enter the room
– Focus on the text you want to translate
– Select the ‘Live Text’ button with a text icon
– Click on ‘Translate’ in the lower left corner

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