final chapter succession continues to generate reactions and news. This time, they are related to the number of users who tuned in to the series finale last Sunday, May 28, 2023. The total audience has become a new program record. Good news for your manufacturer, HBO.

After the premiere in 2018 succession began to gradually grow in the audience of HBO and beyond this platform. Suddenly, like a rumor, they both started talking about a production that was attractive because of the tension that was intertwined between its characters. It was a family drama that could be as shocking as it was touching.

Five years ago, this rumor began to spread. Meanwhile, the HBO series was positioned in the collective imagination as one of those products to watch. On many occasions tried to settle down to watch whole seasons to catch up and not come at the wrong time in relation to the most watched finale in the history of this program.

End successionepisode with the series’ highest live audience

Last episode of the fourth and final season succession it was presented without clarity of the outcome of the proceedings. Legions of viewers came to this episode, sparking various debates, theories, and opinions about the conclusion. This structure explains why the series finale was the most popular in the entire franchise.

According to the data provided Warner Bros. Discovery, 2.9 million characters synchronized the last chapter succession last Sunday 28 May 2023. What does this figure represent in the franchise? This is the highest of the four seasons, surpassing the mark left by episode 6 of the same installment, which added a total of 2.75 million viewers.

Expectations were high and audiences reacted in their own way to the HBO production. There are quite a few voices that offer succession as one of the best series of the decade. On the other hand, personalities like Stephen King were indifferent to the TV phenomenon. A fifth season is currently not planned and never will be. spin off.

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For its creator Jesse ArmstrongIt seems ungodly to me to end this because it was incredibly meaningful.“. However, “one of the few things he can be very tough about is protecting the show, its integrity. As soon as I understood this (the ending), there was no doubt about it. I had a lot of sadness. But he’s like, “Okay. This is how it should be,” he said.

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