A couple of dozen productions that will reach Netflix during June 2022. Among them are series, films and documentaries. A varied offer that highlights several titles, combining new productions with others already released or already attracting interest thanks to the leading figure.

The series is in its fourth season Black list and sixth of Peaky Blinders. Along with that, another of the most anticipated Netflix releases is Umbrella Academy. These productions are accompanied by many others. Some of them will be available from June 1st.

As for films and documentaries, there is also news here. The first three games to appear on Netflix are: Interceptor, Claw D trees of the world. In terms of documentaries, there will be two key figures in contemporary music on the platform: Jennifer Lopez: part-time D F*cn Around Comedy Special by Snoop Dogg.

Everything new coming to Netflix Mexico in June 2022.

Netflix show

  • Black list. Season 8 June 1st.
  • Borgen: Kingdom, Power and Glory. 2 June.
  • lava floor. Season 2 June 3rd.
  • Confidentiality. June 10th.
  • first death. June 10th.
  • Peaky Blinders. Season 6 June 10th.
  • God’s Favorite Idiot. June 15th.
  • Iron Chef: The Legend of Iron. June 15th.
  • love and anarchy. Season 2 June 16th.
  • neighbor war. Season 2 June 17.
  • Umbrella Academy. Season 3 22nd of June.
  • first grade. June 23rd.
  • Paper House: Korea. June 24.
  • man vs human bee. June 24.
  • Upshaw family. Season 2: Part 1. June 29th.


  • Interceptor. June 3rd.
  • Claw. June 8.
  • trees of the world. June 10th.
  • Pollonejo and the hamster of darkness. June 10th.
  • Centaur. June 15th.
  • God’s wrath. June 15th.
  • clash. June 16th.
  • spider head. June 17.
  • love and ice cream. 22nd of June.
  • THE BEAUTY. June 24.
  • The man from Toronto. June 24.

Netflix documentaries

  • Be Obedient: Prayer and Obedience. Miniseries. June 8.
  • Amy Schumer parenting advice. June 11th.
  • Pete Davidson Presents: Best Friends. June 13th.
  • Jennifer Lopez: part-time. June 14th.
  • Web of Deception: Death, Lies and the Internet. June 15th.
  • F*cn Around Comedy Special by Snoop Dogg. June 16th.
  • home secrets. 22nd of June.

Source: Hiper Textual

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