Attention: The article contains SPOILERS of the series. Ahsoka.

Ahsoka continues to advance in its history with the fourth chapter of the series, which can already be seen on the site Disney+. The series premiere suggests that the new proposal star Wars He has already come to the end of his first half. And he did it in 40 minutes full of action and adrenaline. But, above all, with an unexpected ending that raised all fans of the galactic saga from their seats.

On the planet Siathos, Ahsoka he runs into Bailan Skoll, the villain played by the late Ray Stevenson. The duel is very even, although it seems that the series’ protagonist may have some advantage. In fact, the warrior manages to momentarily get a star map with the coordinates of the new galaxy in which Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger are located. However, after catching him,She received a burn on one hand. Immediately afterwards, Sabina, her Padawan, arrives, and Ahsoka loses her concentration. Something that Skoll would use to give her the final blow and throw her into a gorge in the sea.

The heroine Rosario Dawson appears to have died. But in the final scene of the chapter, Ahsoka opens her eyes. However, it does not occur in ocean waters. And not on the coast. In fact, this is where she was many years ago. A dark place, similar to the deepest space, but criss-crossed with numerous corridors of light.

Where is Ahsoka?

Although this is something new for many fans, fans Star Wars Rebels they recognize it immediately. This is the World between the Worlds. In fact, this place is a mystical dimension where you can perform the most powerful action: change time. And the fact is that through the portals Peace between worlds It connects all the moments of history, allowing you to travel between them. The most striking example is the one that can be seen in the above-mentioned animated series.

In the fourth and final season Ezra he enters this place through a portal located in the Jedi Temple of Lothal, his home planet. Entering, the young Jedi is surprised and does not understand where he is. But when he looks into one of the portals, he sees a scene that has already taken place: a battle between Ahsoka And Darth Vader. This fight happened at the end of the second season of the series. rebels. From A World Between Worlds, Ezra sees Ahsoka dying and decides to save her. causing her to enter a new dimension.

Moments later, Emperor Palpatine finds both heroes and tries to use them to reach the World Between Worlds. After that, his power would be unlimited and he would be able to prevent any future defeat by changing the time. Fortunately, both Ezra and Ahsoka they manage to escape and get out of there before the villain can enter. Many years later, the former Jedi returned, however, it is not clear how. On the one hand, it is possible that there was a portal under the waters of Siathos. But it’s also possible that someone rescued her from the inside, as they did in the past. Ezra. And the thing is, she’s not alone.

How did this character get back to Ahsoka?

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“Hello, Chulita,” is heard behind her. “Master?” he answers. Ahsoka. The voice you heard is nothing but a voice Anakin Skywalker. “I didn’t expect to see you so soon,” he tells her. The protagonist then turns and sees a Jedi Knight from Hayden Christensen with his looks Revenge of the Sithbefore becoming Darth Vader. His presence on the show wasn’t a secret, but fans didn’t expect such an appearance to happen so soon.

It must be taken into account that Ahsoka The action takes place after the fall of the Empire. That’s why, Anakin not only has it been Darth Vaderbut that he redeemed himself on the second Death Star by dying there in the arms of his son Luke. The fact that it is in the World between the Worlds can be explained only by two alternatives.

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It is possible that Anakin be a Force ghost like he already did at the end return of the jedi. But his appearance is not like the deceased Jedi, as they always had a blue aura, and in this case he does not have it. Although in the case of a dimension other than earth, it is possible that the ghosts will be able to retain their normal appearance, and not incorporeal.

Another possibility is that at the end of the Clone Wars, shortly before he fell victim to the Dark Side, Anakin found a portal to the World Between Worlds. In this case, the character appearing in Ahsoka he would have been alive and could have saved his student from fatal death. However, if this was the correct option, Anakin would not have known what would happen to him next. I would have absolutely no idea what it would be Darth Vader and the right hand of the evil Emperor Palpatine, who destroyed the Jedi Order and plunged the galaxy into a reign of terror.

At the moment, doubts are in the air, although Dave Filoni, the creator of the series, seems to be very clear in which direction he wants to take the story of the series. This will be decided in the fifth episode, which he is directing and will premiere in Disney+ on Wednesday, September 13th.

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