News about the next adaptation keeps coming in Fantastic Four, which will be released in 2025. From the cast – with Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn and Ebon Moss-Bachrach – to Galactus as a possible villain. The truth is that the latest version of the powerful Marvel family seems to require a lot more risk than one might assume. Including access to the big screen, a very little-known female version of the Silver Surfer, played by actress Julia Gardner.

The news surprised fans and there was some controversy surrounding the decision. As you may remember, this character was a fundamental element of the second part of the duology about superhero families, which was released in the early 2000s. Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer. (2007) tells the story of the emergence of a silver-skinned character as a harbinger of destruction. Played by Doug Jones (Shape of water), the film portrays him as a villain seeking redemption. In this case, although no further details were provided about the mysterious figure, one thing is certain. It’s his female counterpart who has her own standout story in the comic. Moreover, the journey that led him to become, herself, into a heroine of great interest to the “House of Ideas” universe.

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However, the character’s existence is long-standing. First appeared in silver Surfer No. 1 since August 1968, one of the creations of the duo Stan Lee and John Buscema. In mythology, she is known as the lover of the original Silver Surfer/Norrin Radd. Both experience a tragic love story when the latter becomes a messenger for the evil Galactus in exchange for saving his planet. Which will doom the couple to be separated for all eternity.

A long history among the destruction

As told in the first volume of the comic silver SurferShalla-Bal is the Empress of the planet Zenn-La, known for the beauty of her landscapes and her serene life. When the story begins, she is the lover of Norrin Radd, with whom she not only protects the world they both live in, but also prevents invasions and attacks by alien creatures. This whole idyllic scene ends violently when Galactus, the devourer of the world, appears on their territory. He not only manages to defeat the armies of the planet with great ease, but also subjects the lovers to a critical decision.

This is a guarantee that their home will not be damaged, in exchange for one of them dedicating his life to being surrounded by an evil person. Therefore, Norrin Radd decided to become a dark character, announcing the devastation of the planets, in exchange for the fact that Galactus would not devastate Zenn-La. Therefore, he also had to leave, with no chance of returning. or that Shalla-Bal will be able to find out where in space he is.

A tragedy with a complicated ending

In the comics, the situation lasted for millennia until the now Silver Surfer rebelled against his captor. This caused Galactus to imprison him on planet Earth as punishment for his disobedience. That’s when one day in our world, Mephisto, trying to steal his soul, exposes him to a cunning trap.

Namely: as soon as he felt the pain of the lovers’ separation, he kidnapped Shalla-Bal and manipulated her memories. All in order to hide her in Latveria under the name Helena. Moreover, Mephisto pulled strings to provoke the evil Doctor Doom to try to marry the character and instigate a subsequent confrontation against him. Fantastic Four. And this while Galactus was seeking revenge on Zenn-La for the Silver Surfer’s apparent betrayal.

However, neither Mephisto’s traps nor Galactus’ pressure could make the Silver Surfer forget his feelings for Shalla-Bal, whom he ultimately rescues. Finally, the hero transfers part of his cosmic powers to his beloved, thanks to which She managed to restore the vital ecosystem of the planet, besieged by the attacks of the villain.

Shalla-Bal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

There are no details yet on how all of the previous history will be incorporated into the Fantastic Four plot. However, the fact that Galactus is a villain makes it clear that sooner or later the tragic love story between Shalla-Bal and the Silver Surfer will come to light. The story will likely be told from her point of view, including a look at their planet. At the same time, a privileged view of the true the powers of the evil devourer of worlds and the extent of his desire for destruction.

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A few days ago, Marvel released five comics that it considers essential to understanding the next film in the franchise. These include Fantastic Four #1, #48-50 and Fantastic Four: Life Story #1, which include the characters’ first adventures. Written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, it follows the team’s evolution until they become superheroes. What’s even more intriguing is that they tell the story of the devourer of worlds’ first raid on Earth and are part of the Silver Surfer’s story. Includes Watcher (same as What happens if…?) and of course, what is connected with Shalla-Bal.

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