A top American chip designer will provide software and chips for Japan’s national quantum computing initiative. The company will work with the government-backed National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology to create a cloud-based hybrid quantum artificial intelligence system called ABCI-Q.

Nvidia will help Japan create ABCI-Q hybrid quantum supercomputer

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This supercomputer is expected to help researchers and companies in their research and calculations, for example in the pharmaceutical, logistics, etc. sectors, writes Nikkei Asia.

As the publication learned, Nvidia is already supplying graphics processors for ABCI-Q and plans to provide software for quantum computing through a cloud service.

The system will be available for paid use starting in fiscal year 2025. By opening the system to the private sector, the institute hopes to promote the development of quantum computing technology.

Similarly, Nvidia collaborates not only with Japan, but also with research laboratories in Germany and the United Kingdom. The company is confident that a number of cloud quantum computing problems can be solved by connecting them to hybrid supercomputers, which require high-precision chips.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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