It was a matter of time before Avatar 2: Water Sense become the most successful film of 2022. New James Cameron film has already surpassed sky-high box office performance, according to Box Office Mojo Top Shooter: Maverickwhich until a few days ago remained the highest-grossing feature film of the past year.

Until the time of writing this publication and according to the aforementioned platform, Avatar 2: Water Sense already entered $1.516 million. Top Shooter: MaverickFor its part, it stayed at a hefty $1,488 million. It is worth noting that these figurines belong to an international collection, although a significant percentage comes from US theaters.

After the premiere Avatar 2: Water Sensethere were only a few days to make sure that, at least in terms of box office, he aimed very high.

Before its release, there were doubts that it would generate the same interest as the previous film. Especially at a time when tastes and ways of consuming content have changed significantly since 2012, the year it was released. Avatar—. However, there is no longer any doubt that Avatar 2: Water Sense real blockbusters. And for its level of production, and for the huge amount of money that comes in.

Avatar 2: Water Sense goals Avengers

Now, Avatar 2: Water Sense It is the tenth highest grossing film of all time.a. However, with a few more weeks left in theaters, it will no doubt continue to rise in the ratings. Next movie on your way Avengers.

The first major crossover of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, released in 2012, maintains the ninth position with $1,518 million. You will definitely have to give up your seat Avatar: Water Sense during few hours…

Once you get over Avengerspoint to The Lion King (2019) and jurassic world (2015) with revenues of $1,663 and $1,671 million. Can he pass them? This is very likely.

Of course, to become the sixth highest-grossing film, it would need a significant economic boost as Spiderman: No Way Home boasts a $1.916 million collection.

But even if Avatar 2: Water Sense does not reach this step, James Cameron has nothing to worry about anymore. Although the director insisted that his film would have to be the third or fourth highest-grossing film in history to be considered profitable, with current numbers he can breathe easy.

According to information from PackNewsone of Hollywood’s most trusted sources, current financials Avatar 2: Water Sense It was enough for Disney to give the green light to upcoming films. So if you’re a fan of the Na’vi universe, put your worries aside. There will be Avatar for a while.

If James Cameron’s plans go according to plan, avatar 3 will be released December 20, 2024. At least two more parts will arrive later, as the director already had ideas about avatar 6 D 7.

Source: Hiper Textual

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