New episode Last of us, available on HBO and HBO Max, surprised with a combination of scenes and plot additions that are very similar to the source material. The result is a tribute that explores the known universe and at the same time allows the story to move into new places. A careful balance that director and writer Neil Druckmann managed to achieve in some of the most difficult moments of the plot.

Especially since the very last chapter of the series say goodbye to one of the iconic characters. An event that most fans probably expected, but which turned out to be a tragedy for the rest of the audience. Druckmann sensitively recounted this event and, moreover, was able to remember that Last of us He bases his effectiveness on his main characters. Aside from the hidden monsters and dangers, the game’s significant value lies in how its most beloved characters relate to each other.

Something became clear infected, the sequel to the extraordinary pilot whose premiere broke viewing records. Adaptation is moving towards more difficult moments and a harder perception of the nature of the world in ruins. Something that the game explores from different angles, much like its small screen version. We leave you the most notable differences with the game and Easter Egg which show a remarkable resemblance to the Naughty Dog classic.

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Closer inspection of the crash site

One of the newest paragraphs of the second chapter Last of us was his short prologue. The narrative is centered on Jakarta, Indonesia, two days before the latest outbreak. Then, the first signs of infection are obvious. The script includes a character named Ibu Ratna, a professor of mycology at the University of Indonesia, who will investigate the real effects of cordyceps.

Having studied the samples and, especially, the corpse of an infected person, the scientist gives an unequivocal answer to the local authorities. “Everything needs to be bombed,” he explains. “There is no other solution.” Something that Tess later mentions during the tour that she, Joel and Ellie are doing in Boston. The character tells how Ibu Ratna’s proposal was used as a desperate measure in various cities. But it only worked for a few.

Another addition is a short episode in which Joel and Ellie have a quiet conversation. A series of questions and answers in Last of us It’s tense, but makes it clear that the bond between them is not the same as that between father and daughter. It won’t be anytime soon, which shows the show will focus on the evolution of how the two view each other.

Finally, while Tess’s death is detailed in the video game and is a major event, it is not resolved in the same way. In the source material, the character is killed by a group of soldiers. In the film adaptation, an explosion erupted in the middle, which allows Joel and Ellie to escape from the crowd of infected.

Easter Egg from the second episode Last of us

On this occasion, Druckmann paid tribute to the fans. shows very specific details. The backpacks that Joel and Ellie wear on their backs are identical to their console versions. In addition, the knife that the girl carries with her plays an important role in the original plot.

Last of us

At the same time, there are references to history left behind, when Ellie explains that she got infected by sneaking out and going to the mall. Fragment of the original story. As if that wasn’t enough, character Last of us he comments that he cannot swim as they walk through the flooded hotel. One of the traditional tasks of the game.

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For players more focused on uniqueness, one of the creepiest hints was the inclusion of the voices of Misty Lee and Philip Kovats. Both resumed their role clickers (clickers) in the main episodes of the chapter. A decision that gave a special frightening character to the first official appearance of the infected in the third phase of infection Last of us.

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