AT Decrease, available on Apple TV+, therapy is not a safe place. According to the plot of the series, sitting in the therapist’s chair means listening to harsh and direct truths that no one else wants to speak and the recognition of which is worth a bitter pill. Jimmy (Jason Segel) is a psychiatrist who doesn’t have the tools to “heal himself”. But he believes that healing the rest means he will never lie again.

A phrase that he will repeat over and over again with some cynical meaning to hide the pain he feels. But in fact, this is a complex dilemma that you will have to deal with. Especially when the world around you slowly starts to crack. So much so that the great opening scene is Jimmy on drugs and singing loudly. The mixture of vulnerability and humor is amazing.. At the same time, the actor’s ability to express such duality.

The character goes through a major duel that extends to all places in his life. Hurt, beaten, depressed by the absence of his wife, Jimmy feels that everything around him is false. At least the fact that it has ceased to have meaning, meaning and value. Exploring the mind of a person who understands pain better than anyone else is elegant.

In the chair of the strangest therapist in the world

Much more, Decrease he has enough common sense not to go beyond the concept of good and evil as extreme points. The psychotherapist who cannot find a single reason to believe that what he has learned in the office is useful is an exceptional figure.

And for the decisions he makes, and for the well-constructed idea of ​​what he needs to understand in order to deal with his internal conflict. The way he takes it is a hilarious “epiphany”, which is arguably the best plot point: it’s about telling the truth. Most frankly.

Which leads to you no longer hiding what you think. Jimmy has run out of patience to soften his opinions, including what he thinks of his family and friends. He will do it with his daughter Alice (Lukita Maxwell) and anxious companions Gaby (Jessica Williams) and Paul (Harrison Ford). But especially with my patients. In a dynamic that turns the plot Decrease in open interrogation and without any cover of modern hypocrisy.

A new way of delivering therapy in Decrease

One of the most interesting moments Decrease it’s your honesty. Once Jimmy stops using euphemisms and hypocrisy, his responses are as sharp as they are creative. Also much more useful than the formulas that his profession has long imposed on him.

Emotional pain is not easy to comfort, even for an expert on the subject. So, black humor is the thread that ties big issues together with darker areas. He does it with intelligence and a point of view that, although it borders on cruelty, is nothing more than frontal.

Jimmy Decrease it might just be annoying, unsympathetic, or awkward were it not for the fact that Siegel endows him with deep humanity. His sadness is evident, as is the hopelessness that is, after all, the center of all his conflicts.

Mourning is a burden that he carries around, and in a sense, it has become a defining feature for him, though he doesn’t know when it happened. It’s obvious that telling the truth is his way of creating changefeeling that the line of gray and empty life takes on meaning.

Decreasetelling the truth to heal both patient and therapist

Suddenly, Jimmy discovers that he doesn’t need to—and can’t—continue to listen to his patients’ unhealthy and erratic behavior. But this is not a decision born of bad intention. This suffering shows him that life is too short to wallow in what is harmful. “We are content with what hurts us,” he says openly. “Irresponsible and, in the end, our own victims.”

This may seem like a very difficult proposition for a comedy based plot. But the whole context stands on his graceful ability borders on awkwardness. From conversations with her daughter, a teenager who her father does not quite understand, to great discussions with colleagues. Decrease He uses laughter as a set of human perceptions and never makes the mistake of laughing at the dark spaces it covers.

It is much more important for the script to make it clear that love, the need for society, loneliness and longing are sensitive elements. But it takes effort to understand this. Which, of course, also entails confronting Jimmy’s honesty, anger, and at times just plain impatience. “Can anyone be accused of being afraid?” he says in one of his memorable moments. The answer can be either yes or no. However, the premise doesn’t make it that easy.

Harrison Ford in Shrink on Apple TV

Harrison Ford, The Power of Good Listening

Of course, one of the points of greatest interest Decrease This is Paul, played by Harrison Ford. Elderly therapist with degenerative disease somehow back with more experience and more vulnerability than Jimmy. Both discovered the same “revelation” in different ways. Usually each patient knows what he needs, but cannot get it on his own. At the same time, they enjoy their mistakes and repeat them over and over again.

But Paul, unlike Jimmy, knows that human nature is fallible. “We are poorly built structures and you have to play with these cards,” Ford insists. He doesn’t say it nicely or affectionately. His cynicism. Paul’s tongue-in-cheek and sometimes raw energy keeps Jimmy torn apart. Together they form the perfect duo and are no doubt the heart of an argument that denies there is one, but is much more generous than it tries to hide.

Decrease this is the story of the human spirit painstakingly restored after being washed away. Whether it is due to suffering, illness or old age. The reason doesn’t matter. What is clear is the meaning of where this version of freedom to tell the truth and its consequences is heading.

“We have no choice but to be a little ruthless,” Jimmy says in his therapy chair. The patient looks at him dumbfounded. “Cruelty is as effective as a pill,” he insists with a smile. Perhaps this phrase best describes this strange and sensitive story.

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