When believed to be president Gustavo Petro After the scandal among those who left, he had managed to piece together the crisis within his government. Laura Sarabia, Chief of Staff, and Armando Benedetti, Colombia’s former ambassador to CaracasA new chapter of that discussion was announced this Sunday night.

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According to a series of audio recordings published by Semana magazine, the former senator is making a series of serious allegations about the president’s right-hand man. others relate to interior minister Luis Fernando Velasco and former minister Alfonso Prada.

In fact, in some of the material, Benedetti heard citing source of funds for 2022 presidential campaign.

“I was the one who organized all the votes on the coast, son of a bitch, without putting it all in pesos, all that motherfucker and that money went to the Pacific. Who is seeing this now? Nothing. Or do you want me to say who the son of a bitch put the money in?

In the audio recordings, the exact recording date of which is unknown, Benedetti tells Sarabia that he will not allow himself to be “absorbed” and will tell from the inside what he knows. government.

I won’t make myself suck, Laura, I swear on my children’s lives. We all sink, we go to jail, ”she said.

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Minutes after the voices were broadcast, the former ambassador assured that these files had been “manipulated” and apologized to President Gustavo Petro and former Chief of Staff Laura Sarabia.

Benedetti’s messages She was heard complaining to Sarabia about delays and excuses for not being given the high position they had offered her in Bogota.Supposedly the Ministry of Interior: “Don’t tell me about your position anymore, I don’t want to be in the palace, I don’t want to be the builder of all the c… inside. (…) You were the one who offered me the Ministry of Interior, there was nothing better on earth”.

“I held 100 meetings, gave 15,000 million pesos (to Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign). Without me, they can’t win. No matter how hypocritical people are, they will accept the way you and the President treated me yesterday”, the former senator and ex-Congress president claimed.

One of the most serious audio recordings talks about the source of money for Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign on the Caribbean Coast. “When you say who gave the money, here on the shore, I know what that m is, for those who don’t know the c of history, read how 8000 (the process) started and why it started, the key to everything that will happen to you is there. And if you think it’s blackmail, you think it’s blackmail, it’s a response to an h-form from you.”

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Benedetti wants them to “solve” his allegations and talks about “elections”: “Here’s what you can’t do… I’ll think, that Velasco… Do you want to win the elections? You have to start now. Don’t you want to win them? Then don’t. Win them. Tell me: ‘Look, I don’t want to mail you'”.

In a series of dossiers published by Semana magazine (it is not known how much time has passed between them), Benedetti’s voice rises and tells Sarabia that she should now feel threatened: “If you felt threatened before, now it’s a threat, and when Bogota’ Tell me when you want me to start fighting or when you want to settle. You’re there because of me.”

The former ambassador also referred to his relationship with Sarabia since before the Petro government and recalled: according to him, the former chief of staff was not in favor of supporting the then leader of the Historical Pact for the Presidential elections.: “You are a resourceful old woman and you were resourceful at things that came to my mind, nothing more. And now, for a c*, since I can’t think of anything, you are resourceful to end the Government. ( …) Why don’t you tell Petro you don’t want us to go?

“You are not my quota, I did not recommend you. Petro didn’t choose you either, Verónica (Alcocer) chose you. You know why,” the former congressman said in one of the tapes.

In the tapes, Benedetti also mentions President Gustavo Petro and criticizes him for his handling of issues such as the rescue operation for missing children in Caquetá: “The president went out like crazy yesterday and played with a victim’s capsule for, like, four hours in the small children’s policy chamber. It is clear that this is not the case. Then Aviation is screwing the President as if he is from another government, from another country (…) The man turned out to be crazy, he was wrong, and now Federico Gutiérrez is the smart one.

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Benedetti blames two of the most important figures during the campaign and later during his Presidency: Alfonso Prada and Roy Barreras. The first was Minister of the Interior and is now appointed ambassador in Paris; the second was the president of Congress, from which he left by the decision of the Council of State, and it has been reported that he was going to the embassy in London so far.

“Mr Prada stole the whole ministry with his wife, Mr Roy (…) all motherfucker, everything (…)”.

Luis Fernando Velasco replaced Prada at the Ministry of the Interior, Benedetti says about him: “He didn’t put a dime or hold a meeting, so it’s time to make sure the guy doesn’t get upset, but fuck me,” as always, fuck me (.. .)”.

in the last few daysor the ‘chuzadas’ scandal against Sarabia’s son’s former nanny, Marelbys Meza, and another employee From the outgoing chief of staff, both Sarabia and Benedetti left their posts.

Source: Exame

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