It became the agenda again on social networks with the leaking of some images that allegedly watched the journey of Malaysian Airlines flight number MH370, which disappeared after 9 years, and that it disappeared after seconds.

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These images were shared by a user who identified himself as Tyler on the X social network in 2018, and he stated in a short article that the images reached him without specifying the source.

In his subject, he talks about important messages sent from the power plant of the aircraft carrying it. 239 people on March 8, 2014The story started gaining relevance after taking and posting screenshots of the trills in the year the plane disappeared, accompanied by a video of the exact moment of the disappearance.

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According to the young man, a list of random words could be heard in the voice: “Sierra, delta, alpha, november, goal, echo, romeo, sierra, oscar, sierra, india, tango, india, sierra, delta, india , Romeo”. As a result, the aircraft’s coordinates are heard and the call for assistance is repeated.

The supposed message was translated by another user and assures that it translated as “danger, evacuation needed, they are not human, SOS, danger”.

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In another post, the young man says that after posting these videos, he received several messages on his cell phone in which he was threatened for sharing audio and videos.

Let’s point out that this is a theory that came to light again in 2018, thanks to an account that surfaced online in 2018, which shared videos of Tyler’s trills and the alleged disappearance of the plane. None of these videos have been approved or rejected by the authorities.

On March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, 40 minutes after takeoff, as it exited Malaysian airspace and entered Vietnam airspace, someone in the cabin manually turned off the communication system and the transponder signal disappeared. disappeared. .

Shortly thereafter, the aircraft, a Boeing 777, manually changed course—not mechanically or on autopilot—taking a sharp left turn and turning southwest over Peninsular Malaysia, then following course again and eventually leaving the radar zone.

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According to the official investigation, the plane, which allegedly ran out of fuel and crashed into the water, flew for another 6 hours in the Indian Ocean.

The British Inmarsat3 communications satellite stationed over the Indian Ocean recorded intermittent signals from MH370 until it allegedly crashed some 2,000 kilometers west of Perth, Australia.

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Source: Exame

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