Ever since Daniel Sancho was caught for the crime committed by Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta, many details have emerged of the murder that has left the suspect in a stalemate now. Thai prison.

And as of August 7, the authorities have 84 days to complete the investigation and decide whether the Spaniards should be sentenced to death.

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Spanish media almost followed its fate ‘minute by minute’ Daniel Sancho, until now he was transferred to a prison on Koh Samui, where he was visited by and met by his mother. other kinds of issues revolving around the case.

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In recent days, the authorities revealed the “unfinished business” that Sancho left in order to more easily shed light on this crime that shocked the world.

One of them was pretending nothing had happened and riding around the island’s streets on a motorcycle, then when he got to the hotel where Arrieta was staying, the receptionists asked her if she was okay because her hands were there. bandaged for spanish He said he cut himself while peeling some potatoes.

Then one of the most incriminating events happened to Sancho. He went to a restaurant and shot a video for social networks there. not knowing that the authorities had raided a dumpster on Koh Samui, Besides the human remains, they also found a purchase ticket.

Likewise, authorities disclosed that they had a witness who assured them that Sancho was seen at the restaurant with his hands bandaged and covered in blood. He left a backpack with a knife and bloody bandages at the establishment.

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Thus, when Sancho went to report the Colombian surgeon’s disappearance, the authorities already had enough evidence to have him jailed and the prime suspect in the crime.

In the Spanish media, especially ‘El Programa del Verano’, where images of Sancho in the restaurant were published, one of the presenters admitted: “He’s clearly not a professional in crime, he makes a lot of mistakes in hiding his involvement in the murder.”

According to the news of the international news agency EFE, lack of some DNA test resultsItems subject to investigation will cause delay in delivery Police report on the murder and dismemberment of Colombian surgeon Edwin ArrietaBy Spaniard Daniel Sancho, who had previously pleaded guilty.

Likewise, international media states that the police station on the island of Phangan, where the crime was committed on August 2, was also searched by the police. “Some DNA test results but not all.”

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In an interview where the EFE agency was able to speak to one of the investigators responsible for the crime, she assured him: “The police report will not be delivered to the prosecutor’s office on Friday, September 1”Almost a month after the murder.

Those responsible for the investigation of the different agencies stated, through an official document: “There is still a lot of evidence to analyze, including clothes, eight human parts, and the black and green plastic bags containing human remains. and these were sent to the Bangkok Institute of Forensic Medicine, among other specialist centers, for analysis.”

Time The 84 days required to complete the investigation began when Daniel Sancho entered the Koh Samui prison. He will be held in the makeshift prison on August 7 and is expected to remain there until the trial.


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