A commotion broke out in the pavilion at around 21:00 on Friday, September 8. Officials from La Picota maximum security prison, south of Bogota. Arrival of Dijín and Inpec members with the former senator Arturo Char trained many politicians and former officials who were held there.

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On the same Friday morning, the detention of the former president of Congress was legalized by order of Judge Francisco Farfán of the Investigative Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice. A security measure was imposed on him on the grounds that he committed the crimes of voter corruption and intent to commit a crime. And a transfer order was given to that prison.

Although Char’s defense initially considered a request for transfer to Barranquilla, The court issued an arrest warrant, citing origin reasons. The Director of Bogota-La Picota’s High, Medium and Minimum Security Prison and Penitentiary Complex will thus be incarcerated in the pavilion reserved for public officials.

Arturo arrived at the prison after 9:30 at night and was initially greeted by former senator Mario Castaño.He met at the Congress; and former governor of Chocó, Julio Ibargüen Mosque“a judicial source told EL TIEMPO.

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Castaño Pérez is serving his sentence 15 years (by Supreme Court decision) for conspiracy to commit aggravated crime as a writer, aggravated fraud as a determinate, embezzlement by complete forfeiture, embezzlement by attempted forfeiture as a determinate, and concussion as a writer.

The former governor was also convicted by the court. The Supreme Court sentenced him to 8 years and 3 months in prison for embezzlement in favor of third parties.

But there are other former congressmen in the Legislative Assembly who disagree with Char, such as Álvaro García Romero.

An Inpec report states that Char, who assured him that he would prove his innocence, was found on the second floor of the building’s wing. Public servants are next to a kitchen and the dungeon occupied by Ibargüen. They say this floor is the coldest floor in a freezing maximum security prison.

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The place where Char was left is small A room with a bed and a bathroom located approximately two kilometers from the main entrance of the prison complex.

The day before, at his own request, Char traveled by private plane from Miami to Barranquilla to place himself at the disposal of justice and later to be transferred to Barranquilla and even resorted to house arrest.

Although criminal lawyer Iván Cancino The counsel of the Char family was in charge of presenting Arturo Char to the authorities, his defense consists of several lawyers and Darío Bazzani has just been appointed to this task.

In fact, Char was able to be interviewed by his lawyers when he arrived at the Catam military airport on a Police plane and was transferred to the Dijín headquarters in the Modelia neighborhood (around 23:40 in the evening). Playing the main defense are José Luis Barceló, Nicolás Castillo Venegas and Darío Bazzani.

(See all articles from EL TIEMPO Investigation Unit here)The group of defenders aims to show that the statements that put Char at the head of a corrupt mechanism to get votes in the 2018 elections are false.

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