A Colombian woman died in a terrible accident on the Caribbean island of Aruba. The young woman was riding a motorcycle with a man when they were hit by a Kia Picanto vehicle.

(In context: Young Colombian woman died in a tragic car accident in Aruba).

According to the authorities’ report, in the early morning hours of October 11, the grave incident was recorded at the intersection of LG Boulevard Smith and Adrian Lacle Boulevard.

30 meters away from the accident, the young people were thrown to the ground and were seriously injured.As Marshal Service spokesman Lito Lacle explained: “The two individuals were immediately transferred to a care facility.”

While the motorcycle became completely unusable, serious damage occurred to the front of the car.

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Young people were determined as follows Luisa Torres (21) and Lyendrick Kelly (24), they have since been under medical observation for serious injuries. Since it was determined that only Kelly was under protection at the scene, it is being investigated whether the girl was wearing a helmet.

One of her friends, Sheyenne Yarzagaray, shouted on social networks: “Please, I ask for a prayer chain for them because of the serious accident. Lord, put your hand on Andy and Luisa. Heal them so that they can return to us.” .

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Colombian was in a coma and despite medical efforts he showed no signs of improvement. He died within the last few hours, as confirmed by the Aruba Police: “He became the eighth victim of traffic accidents so far in 2023.”

On the day of the accident, Authorities caught the driver of a Kia Picanto on suspicion of driving under the influence. The police spokesman stated that in addition to the tests to be carried out, the analysis of security cameras will also help shed light on the incident.

However, according to the local newspaper, he was released hours later when it was understood that he was “drunk but not drunk enough”. 24ora.com.

As soon as it was learned that the young Colombian woman had died, man captured again by Aruba Police According to the said media, he was guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

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It was learned that Lyendrick Kelly, who was next to the young woman, was in serious condition.so he was transferred to Colombia to receive special treatment.

Relatives of the young woman mourning her death hope that the island authorities will take action to bring the driver before a judge.

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Source: Exame

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