If you play on PC, one of the most important elements, besides the machine itself, are the elements we use to control it. While it’s become fashionable to play with a controller on PC for a while now, the keyboard and mouse are still the stars of gaming.

Buying a good gaming keyboard is one of the best decisions. This is one of the best investments for your tune. Not only because if you choose a good keyboard, it will last you a lifetime, but also because its internal features can give you a competitive edge over your competitors. In fact, gaming keyboards are one of the tools that have evolved the most in recent years, opening up a huge range of options for PC gamers, no matter their level or budget.

A good gaming keyboard is far superior to a traditional one in many aspects, and that’s because they think beyond the general use they can give to get the most out of your gaming sessions: From input delay reduced to core game-oriented systems, Gaming keyboards are designed for long gaming sessions. Choosing one is key, but in such a wide market and with so many options, it’s easy to get lost.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Keyboard for Your Needs

The first thing you need to decide is whether to choose a traditional membrane keyboard or a mechanical one aimed specifically at gaming. Membrane keyboards are the most common and economical and are mainly characterized by have a slim design and quieter operation. However, as technology has advanced, certain limitations have arisen.

On the other hand, mechanical keyboards offer a superior user experience. Instead of using membranes, these keyboards use individual mechanical switches under each key. Every press on a mechanical keyboard feels unique, with crisper tactile feedback and audible feedback. current, which is liked by many professional players. mechanical switches They are designed to last longer than membranes. regular keyboards. Additionally, most mechanical keyboards allow you to change switches individually, which facilitates maintenance and extends the service life of the device.

Best Gaming Keyboards

If you are looking to buy a gaming keyboard for yourself or as a gift, this is the best one available today.

gaming keyboard

The most economical

Backlit Keyboard Spanish QWERTY LED Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard for Windows Mac PC Computer Laptop


gaming keyboard

Best Selling

Gaming Keyboard with Wrist Rest, RGB LIGHTSYNC, Customizable Backlit Keys, Splash Resistant, Dedicated Media Controls


gaming keyboard

Best Reviews

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Compact, backlit keyboard with tactile mechanical switches and anti-ghosting


gaming keyboard

The most complete

OPX optical-mechanical gaming keyboard: fast and linear, RGB backlit, dual PBT keys, Elgato Stream Deck integration.


gaming keyboard

The one the professionals use

Analogue optical keyboard for eSports (built-in quick settings, multi-function numeric dial and dedicated control buttons). Used by Valorant and CS:GO professionals.


Differences between gaming keyboards and regular keyboards

1. Optimized performance for gaming without input delay

Gaming keyboards have been specially designed to meet the needs of the most demanding gamers. Mechanical switches provide precise tactile and auditory feedback, allowing players to execute commands faster and more accurately. This optimized performance is key for those compete in competitive games, where every millisecond counts.

2. Customization, macros and RGB lighting

Gaming keyboards are usually We offer a wide range of customization optionsn, from assigning macros to the ability to customize RGB lighting. The ability to tailor the keyboard to a player’s personal preferences not only provides a unique aesthetic, but also enhances the gaming experience.

Additionally, gaming keyboards are usually made from high-quality materials and are more durable than traditional keyboards. This is especially true for gamers who engage in intense gaming sessions and need a peripheral that can withstand constant use. And may this last for years, many years.

3. Advanced connectivity

Some gaming keyboards come with advanced connectivity options such as USB 3.0 and additional USB ports. This feature allows gamers to easily connect peripherals such as mice or headsets directly to the keyboard. Although most of them offer wireless connection such as Bluetooth Speed ​​of light, Your best bet will always be to connect it directly using a cable.

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