Attackers use special links that, when activated, can steal location data from a mobile device and even stealthily capture photos and audio recordings. This was said by Igor Bederov, head of the information and analytical research department of T.Hunter.

When such a “do not track” link is enabled, it directs the victim to a web resource that runs scripts to obtain information about the device’s location. This could be GPS coordinates, data on nearest ports, IP address and the like. These links are created using specialized geologist services such as Seeker, Trape, TrackUrl and others.

There are geologists who can secretly activate the device’s camera or microphone and send the resulting files to servers that attackers can access. These links are often distributed as phishing sites specifically tailored to the interests of their targets. Therefore, in order to protect against the surveillance of geologists, it is recommended to follow the general security rules that will help protect against Internet scammers.

Bederov notes that geologists are used not only by attackers, but also by representatives of law enforcement agencies, private detectives, and sometimes even jealous spouses. These tools can be used by different people to monitor others, highlighting their wide application in various fields.

Source: Ferra

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