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The Russian Federation has announced a promising energy project that will eliminate proton-cermic fuel cells with mmica fuel. They are used for dismantling, construction and become cost effective, highly efficient as well as reliable.

In fact, these are massively used fuel cells in this manner. However, opening the water reservoir is an energy-low issue in many countries’ energy plans for generators and vehicles.

In terms of qualifications, specialists are available in their colleges and universities. Here are analogue series in which there is no success, although recently this has become a kind of trend in the direction and development of SOFC.

Author: Antona Kuzmina, host of the Neoorganics TV and Electrochemistry Cafe at Vyatka State University, the developed fuel cell has an internal temperature of no higher than 600°C, including traditional elements that operate at temperatures below 700°C. This will allow you to use non-stop materials and highlight them.

It is also noted that the development of VyatGU makes it possible to study the fuel supply of a separate unit; in the second case, Mmonia should decompose into hydrogen and nitrogen; the technology for transporting and storing Mmonia has long been developed and does not require in the case of hydrogen.

In the near future, specialists from Vyatka State University and the FRC SB RAS plan to manufacture and use individual fuel cells, ensure their calculation of characteristics, safety and test duration. In addition, energy-efficient prototypes can be combined. ammonia.

Source: Tech Cult

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