nintendo has the universe is too powerful to be projected only in video games. And the company seems to be beginning to realize this. Proof of this is the birth of Nintendo Pictures, a new division dedicated to the production of films and series related to Mario, Link and other characters that make up the Nintendo universe.

From this new company, for now, we have few details. Its official website states that its goal is for “consumers around the world to learn about Nintendo characters” and create unique content “that will stay in their memory forever”.

The same website also states that they have 105 employees (as of October 2022), that the company was founded in 2011, and that it has a capital of 34.5 million yen. Some data that matches those of Dynamo Pictures, an animation studio that Nintendo acquired in the middle of this year. Therefore, it is likely that Nintendo Pictures is just a new name for said studio, which is now part of Nintendo. A name change that would, yes, be due to a new approach focused on Nintendo’s intellectual property.

Nintendo Pictures is born a few months after the release of the Mario movie.

The launch of the Nintendo Pictures website, which is in some ways seen as their public announcement, takes place a few months after the premiere mario movie Produced by Illumination, the animation studio behind the Gru and the Minions saga.

This film, scheduled for April 2023, He still does not have an official name, but it is known that Chris Pratt will voice Mario.and Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach. Production takes place at Illumination Studios in Paris.

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