The past few days on the shelves ofPhil Spencer’s office one appeared mysterious console, visible in the photo you’ll find below, published by the CEO of Microsoft Gaming himself to celebrate 25 years of Fallout. According to some rumors that appeared on the net, that console could be the much talked about project keystone, the Xbox console to access the Cloud on Game Pass.

As reported by Okami, the console in the photo is very similar to the one that appeared on the pages of Windows Central in May of this year. The various rumors speak of a console that can perform stream up to 4K in HDR (despite the current Xbox Cloud Gaming video stream limit is 1080p), with support for remote play from the Xbox console present under the same Wi-Fi network and with the ability to access the full catalog of cloud games on Xbox Game Pass.

In addition, Project Keystone will Xbox dashboard with a lot of support for parties, for Discord and for DVR functionality. The console is expected to retail for around $99 with a controller in the box.

Source: Lega Nerd

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