Xbox has ended a disappointing year. During the recent Game Awards, the video game industry’s biggest showcase, and the few events that managed to keep a few giants in attendance, the Phil Spencer-led events went off without pain or glory. It’s not a joke, Microsoft only showed ads for Xbox Game Pass during the commercial break.

We knew in advance that the Xbox would not stand out among the nominees and perennial winners of the Game Awards 2022. Not for lack of quality, but simply because not a single decent game released in a year. One that managed to be recognized and approved by the industry.

Part of the Xbox community was hoping that the green brand would take advantage of the world’s revelation moments to try and catch up. After all, it is these announcements that provide a glimpse into the future of companies, as well as their current state.

What were these hopes based on? The people of Xbox, aware of the drought of their releases in 2022, expected that next year will be very different. In fact, if we look at its release schedule for 2023, the outlook certainly looks much more positive.

Now, if you do have a few projects debuting next year, why not take advantage of such a valuable date in December to share a preview of them? Why not end the year with some joy for your community? Is there nothing new to show about Starfield or red waterfall?.

Some may erroneously mention that the Game Awards has never been Microsoft’s preferred event for related announcements. Perhaps it was forgotten that just three years ago, in 2019, we were surprised by the presentation of the Xbox Series X. This was by far the most significant news that this publication left. On the same day they even announced Senua Saga: Hellblade II. At the gala the following year, they did the same with reboot from Perfect darkness.

I find it incredible that Phil Spencer attended the Game Awards 2022 just to watch Sony and Nintendo win the awards and present the news. I do not understand.

By the way… where are the aforementioned new Ninja Theory and The Initiative games? A zero answer to this question indicates the brand’s inability to have a clear and consistent calendar of its own launches.

The problem is deeper than the absence in the event

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox

Xbox just ended 2021 with a “solid” move after launching an exciting game. force horizon 5 D Halo Infinite. However, the second reached this date by accident. We have to remember that the game 343 Industries, which is so criticized today for its frustrating multiplayer, was supposed to come out at the end of 2020. questionable visual quality. Be careful, these consoles entered the market without killer app And so they remained for months.

Expanding the panorama into the short span of the present generation, the truth is that library first party Xbox didn’t live up to in these two years. Yes, Game Pass is the best service on the market, but it can’t be completely dependent on third-party games or mid-sized projects.

It is inconceivable that names such as Average or contempt They were taken by the community itself as temporary platform banners due to the lack of exclusive AAA titles. Such games were not their responsibility, and the consequences came quickly. Two weeks after their debut, they were no longer talked about…

Sad, The Xbox 2022 will almost entirely be remembered for its offer to buy Activision Blizzard. and all the sickness that was created around him. Those from Redmond intend to set aside $68,700 million to take over all of the company’s assets. publisher American; including widely popular franchises such as call of Duty, Overwatch D World of Warcraft. However, the FTC stood in their way.

Activision, Microsoft

Obviously, a significant part of Microsoft’s efforts, mainly in marketing matters, has been devoted to announce how positive the Activision purchase is for the entire market. They certainly do their job, but I would like the game to be as close as possible. red waterfall get equal space and attention.

Not too long ago, Xbox launched a website that explains the benefits of buying Activision. It was shared on their social media and some managers shared it on their personal accounts. I hope the last trailer red waterfall there would be a similar disclosure. Instead, they decided to share it on the same day they held their 25th anniversary event. Age of Empires. Distribution through official channels was minimal.

Personally, I’m starting to get annoyed by their statements explaining how the purchase of Activision is beneficial for the industry, when they couldn’t even bring value to their own platform with major releases…

It’s very sad that the only thing “relevant” for Xbox in 2022 is the hype around Activision. Your community is more aware of the intersection of statements with Sony and regulators., instead of talking or enjoying some exclusive gaming experience that made them appreciate the platform even more. This year I’ve seen more ads for wireless controller designs than games. first party. This pretty much sums up where the Xbox is today.

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