Premiere Last of us on HBO and HBO Max everyone is thrilled, and nothing less. But not only the series by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin enjoys the recognition of the press and the public, but also interest in Naughty Dog games has grown on which it is based.

Especially the original game released in 2013, whose updated version for PS4 and remake for the PS5, several countries have registered a significant increase in sales in recent weeks. What many don’t know, however, is that the first version of the PS3 game was supposed to have slightly different ending who did we meet

When we talk about a different ending, we don’t mean plot changes that will affect the outcome of the story. If not for that, the performance of the final part of the game would have been different, with much less player intervention. Today it is impossible to know whether the alternative version considered by the developers would have been well received by the public. Or even if it affected the rating he would receive from the specialized media.

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Like the series Last of us in its first season covers the events of the original game and DLC. left behindIf you haven’t played the Naughty Dog games yet, I recommend that you stop reading here. The next lines of this article will be full of spoilers. If you decide to continue without knowing the history of the game, you do so at your own risk.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Last of us The ending could have been a little different, but just as emotional.

As Neil Druckmann explained shortly after release Last of us, the final part of the game was supposed to be “less playable”.. Particularly in the hospital department. Naughty Dog’s creatives didn’t plan for players to control Joel as he “sneaks” through a building controlled by Firefly, looking for the operating room where the operation would be performed that would kill Ellie.

What the study originally wanted to suggest was extensive cinematic sequence, in which events unfold without the intervention of players. In a video posted by PlayStation at PAX Prime 2013, the actors could even be seen recording the scene during their motion capture sessions. However, the team led by Druckmann and Bruce Straley decided to give the public more control over the situation in the final version.

in Game Last of ususers not only control Joel as he searches the operating room where Ellie lies under anesthesia while avoiding being hit by armed members of the Fireflies. They must also kill the doctor in charge of the operation and his assistants, carry the girl out and avoid the siege of the guards.. Once they manage to get to the parking lot, a cinematic plays in which Marlene begs Joel to think, though he decides to shoot her and then finish her off despite the woman’s request to let her live. “You would have come for her,” the protagonist tells her before delivering a fatal shot.

Alternate ending Last of us, in the form of cinematography, shared several seasonings already mentioned, but presented noticeable differences. Entering the operating room, Joel was not alone with the doctor and his assistants, but also with Marlene.

The leader of the Fireflies begged the protagonist not to continue, but was unable to convince him. Here is the character played by Troy Baker he shot him and then executed the doctor and other members of the scene.. As Joel made his way to the operating table to retrieve Ellie, an injured Marlene begged to no avail to let her live.

Troy Baker prank

The Last of Us Part 1

While filming the alternate ending scene Last of us, Troy Baker had to repeat hospitalization in the operating room several times. As Neil Druckmann explained, the actor was so involved in the situation that since he had to grab the doctor by the neck and use him as a human shield, most of the time he dropped the gun he carried in his hand.

And while Baker was eventually able to complete the task as the creators intended, co-director Last of us decided to play a joke on him. Thus, he was able to release the tension in the environment and show all his ability to improvise.

“After 7 takes we got what we wanted with a very solid performance. But I said to myself, “OK, let’s do one more to close the day.” I took her to Merle Dandridge, the actress who plays Marlene, and gave her one piece of advice. I asked him “Can you do this?” and he said there was no problem. I asked him not to tell anyone about this, and then I went to Troy Baker and said, “Hey, we still don’t have what we want.” We are close, but it should be more intense, more energetic. And be careful with the gun; but even if you drop it, continue the scene, don’t go back to the beginning. Whatever happens on stage, don’t stop. Get to the end,” Druckmann said.

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The fact is that this whole situation was nothing more than the end of a working day with a smile. As soon as Troy Baker starts his speech and rushes into the operating room, Merle Dandridge starts singing lines of Marlene’s dialogueas if it were a musical, in front of the astonished eyes of the rest of the audience. Baker, without leaving character, does the same with his lines, also showing off his skills as a singer.. The scene closes with this dynamic and ends with Ashley Johnson laughing, Ellie in Last of uswho had to remain motionless on the table while his colleagues performed the interpretation.

curious situation and this indicates that the success Last of us it was also based on the chemistry between the actors. You can see this scene and the full anecdote in the video below.

YouTube video

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