7 Fascinating iPhone Games with Beautiful, Minimalist Graphics

A series of minimalist games available on the App Store and Apple Arcade.

Screenshots of Godus game for iPhone and iPad.

At times, the strange masterpiece, in addition to good gameplay, an interesting story or a creative theme to the App Store; it also gives us some dreamy graphics based on a minimalist artistic concept.

This is the state of the games that we will recommend below. minimalist graphics and it’s really beautiful that left its mark on a before and after in App Store history.

Minimalism as an artistic concept in illustration

Alto's Odyssey: explore the endless desert

Alto’s Odyssey – explore the endless desert.

Ok, what do we mean by minimalist graphics? In this selection of games for iPhone, we have included games with textures. especially they are not overloaded with thousands of details and yet they continue to offer a complex and precise artistic expression.

In addition, following the style of the iOS and iPadOS user interface, the graphics of these games are characterized by having some features. soft color tones -usually in pastel tones- helps to provide a calmer and more relaxed gaming experience.

Without further ado, we start with our game collection. minimalist art department. We hope you like it and don’t forget that you can join the comments section to suggest more games of a similar nature.

Compilation of games with the most amazing minimalist graphics

monument valley

Monument Valley won the Apple Design Awards in 2014. The style of its graphics is simply amazing. In Monument Valley we will have to control a princess and travel through different environments. solve logic-defying puzzles and those who play sublimely with visual perspective and optical illusions.

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Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley’s second installment follows the same lines, with a game artistic design is very successful it’s also full of very interesting challenges that activate brain mechanisms.

Alto’s Adventure

Our next game on the list, how could it be otherwise, is Alto’s Adventure. It is an endless type of game that we will have to avoid all kinds of obstacles while snowboarding through extremely beautiful landscapes. A blast for all the senses!

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Adventure has arrived on the App Store with excellent gameplay and well-designed minimalist graphics. Later, the Snowman development company released Alto’s Odyssey, a sequel with more landscapes and more elements to complete this great visual adventure.

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Alto’s Adventure: Spirit of the Mountain

Recently, Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain was also released on Apple Arcade. The last installment of this endless minimalist adventure It’s back to take the main idea of ​​the original game, applying all the innovations of the sequel, and the result is great.

Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City

Most recently, Snowman reworked the Alto’s Odyssey project with the release of Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City, a true work of minimalist art with a dreamy soundtrack.


Godus is not only great and innovative in terms of gameplay, but also “graphic composable” style cartoon They are very cheerful and colorful. A title where we can play the role of God and create our own civilization. It’s free and highly recommended!

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No doubt these apps have another roll, right? They are something else. have some very nice minimalist graphics But every user has their own taste, if not to your liking, we can recommend this intense selection of action games from Apple Arcade or a list of online multiplayer games for iPhone and iPad. And now, to play!

Source: i Padizate

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