A few hours after the decision Constitutional Court for the reform demand lawyercan eliminate the ability to remove and disqualify elected by popular votethis being was known to have 7,749 An investigation was opened against those selected in this way.

This is shown in figures for the total. 63,211 performances Disciplinary proceedings carried out by the Attorney General and known to this newspaper. mayors those with the most transactions in the country, 3.853.

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In fact, as EL TIEMPO documents, William DauThe president of Cartagena is the most investigated person. On 33 open caseshe always said he was innocent, a mayor without ties, “willing to displace the political class” since he came to rule the walled city.

Then the 3,250 investigated councilors show up, 286 governors179 deputies, 121 councilors, 32 House representatives and 28 senators.

The report prepared by the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor, which constitutes 66.39 percent of 7 thousand 749 cases, on public officials elected at the ballot box, administrative irregularities takes the first place in possible crimes committed at the disciplinary level.

(We leave you alone: ​​Juan Fernando Petro wants to be declared a victim in all-out peace tensions)

Contract irregularities (26.14%), criminal failures (4.13 percent), budget irregularities (3 percent) and human rights violation (with 0.34%).

The majority of these actions focus on irregularities. School Nutrition Program (PAE) with 272 transactions- and the General Copyright System with 442 open cases.

The ongoing debate in the Constitutional Court, two year old law law that gives prosecutors the jurisdiction to conduct investigations of those elected by the public. This is as a way of complying with the court’s ruling. Inter-American Court of Human Rights (I/A Court HR) President Gustavo Petro vs. Colombia.

Faced with the scenario that the reform – and, incidentally, faculty – went to the supreme court after a lawsuit was filed, the former attorney general, Carlos Gustavo Arrieta He told EL TIEMPO that it would be a mistake for the Attorney General’s Office to take away its authority to impose sanctions on public officials elected in elections.

The lawsuit says these officials cannot be dismissed or disqualified. administrative authoritiesLike the Attorney General, but only by a criminal judge.

(For the continuation: Arrieta: It would be a mistake to remove the sanction of those elected by voting from the Attorney General’s Office)

Precisely, one of the duties of the Constitutional Court is to show what would be the way to impose sanctions on those elected by voting. presentation in the high court, Judge Cristina PardoIt shows that the legislator made a mistake by giving his jurisdiction to the employees of the Attorney General’s Office. political rights There are judges among the servants in question.

The newspaper therefore invites Congress to distribute these duties to Republican judges within a six-month period. The Attorney General’s understanding of this process is as follows: reform remained intactbecause with it the decision standard of the Inter-American Court is met, because the person who makes the final decision on the dismissal of an officer is a judicial authority, even if not guilty.

List of people under investigation senators and representatives Assigns 13 active transactions to the Chamber where the Public Ministry is located.

Last one played it Alex FlorezBolivar is a member of the Historical Pact in Cartagena who verbally attacked some police officers who caught him in a hotel in the city and later asked for forgiveness from them.

Like him, there are four other senators under the scrutiny of existence. These are Wilson Arias, Antonio José Correa, María José Pizarro and José Alfredo Gnecco, as well as former Senator Miguel Amín Escaf.

As for Chamber representatives, according to the control unit, Lina María Garrido, Catherine Juvinao, Ana Rogelia Monsalve, Julián Peinado, Ciro Antonio Rodríguez and Duvalier Sánchez are under investigation.

(We leave you: ‘To allow disciplinary immunity from elected officials would be a serious mistake.’)

Currently, 641 of the approximately 10,000 open proceedings are in disciplinary proceedings, and the cases that have received the most media coverage are as follows: Everth Julius HawkinsGovernor of San Andres.

Since 2020, he has been investigated for allegedly purchasing elements to fight terrorism. COVID-19, ignoring state contract principles. The mayor of Neiva is also on trial for the same reason. Gorky Munoz.

(We recommend: ‘Constitution should be reformed’ if you want to reform the Office of the Attorney General.)

Another related case is Alvaro Arley Leon FlorezThe Vichada Governor was investigated for apparently contracting disqualified individuals for contributing to his campaign. Even the former governor of Cordoba Alexander Lyons – He is detained in the United States – he also has a pending case following an investigation that began in 2017.

There are 3,797 cases in Odebrecht that have long since passed the trial and have become strict sanctions, including the cases of Bernardo Miguel Elías Vidal, a former congressman disqualified for corruption; Edwin José Besaile and Alejandro Lyons,
Disabled by the ‘hemophilia cartel’.

Juan Carlos Abadía, former governor of Valle del Cauca, and Samuel and Nestor Moreno RojasHe was disqualified for corruption at the famous Carousel de la Contratación in Bogotá.

Discussion of whether the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor has lost this authority will be held at the General Assembly to be held on February 9th.

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Source: Exame

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