In Bogotá, a man rented part of his house, trusting that the tenant would pay all the money.. However, it turned out that the only occupant of the house was not a woman; Other foreigners came with him. There are 10 in total.

“My family and I were imprisoned in our own home. “Unexpectedly, I found myself surrounded by five foreign men and five women.” city ​​television before the living nightmare.

Problems started with delays in rent payments. As he reported, Three months passed when the money was not taken, which added to the intimidation that the group would impose.

“We’re talking about six million pesos. It’s the rent plus a fine, excluding ongoing damage and personal injury at the prosecutor’s office,” he said.

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He received threats and even blows while trying to claim it. Once, despite being with the police, the tenants jumped on him and attacked him. “They started harassing me, follow me. I reported this to the prosecutor’s office, but they did not stop me because they are neither a criminal organization nor an armed group.

He hopes that the authorities will take action to restore his property and above all his peace of mind.

As EL TIEMPO explains at the Law Firm in cooperation with the Free University, If your tenant does not pay, you can undertake a property return process consisting of:

one.Presentation of the civil case in which the municipality or environmental law judge of the place where the residence is located will be authorizedAttachment of the rental agreement concluded between the parties physically or, if not, with evidence of witness.

2. Notices after collecting the parties’ contact information.

3. Objection to the request is whether there is an objection, that is, if the defendant does not object within the transfer period, the judge is authorized to decide on the return of the property. rental property.

(In context: How do I evict a non-paying tenant?).

4. Compensation of receivables if the judge’s decision entitles the tenant to improvements, repairs, or the value of pending crops to the leased property. owed to the landlord due to the rent or other (administrative fees, public services, etc.) ruled during the process, that is, “comparison of accounts” is made.

5. Temporary return, as the claimant may request forensic examination of the propertyto verify the condition of the leased property before the acceptance of the claim is notified or at any stage of the process.


*As reported by Citytv correspondent Tatiana Sanabria

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Source: Exame

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