On the afternoon of Sunday, May 14, when Mother’s Day is celebrated, a gun attack occurred in a shopping center. monocentricnorth Bogota. According to initial reports from the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, It would be a new femicide case where a man shot his former emotional partner.

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According to the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, The incidents occurred around 5:17 pm at the local 1-203_ Jenos Pizza inside the mall. “The murder of a woman, presumed to be femicide, by a firearm bullet was recorded, and the attacker was injured in a suicide attempt,” the authorities said.

The situation caused panic and dozens of people reported the facts via social networks. EL TIEMPO prevents disclosure because it is obscene content.

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“Unfortunately, the woman died as a result of this incident. The man involved was transferred to a medical center where he was treated and had vital signs,” MeBog said.

After the unfortunate events, Bogotá mayor Claudia López said that the police had everything under control.

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According to the preliminary information received from the authorities, Érika Aponte Lugo, 26, was to be the murdered woman found inside Jenos Pizza, where she worked as an assistant manager.

And the shooter, Christian Camilo Rincón Díaz, who, after arguing, drew his firearm and shot him twice in the head. He then attempted suicide, but was found on the ground with vital signs and was taken to the Santa Fe clinic.

It seems that the victim did not live with the attacker and it is being investigated whether he took any protective measures.


Source: Exame

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