Music, books and series are the most popular apps in the App Store!

User interest reading and streaming applications They occupy a leading position among third-party applications available in the App Store. This was confirmed after an investigation by the apple firm against a team of economists from Analysis Group.

In terms of online social reading, options are available on platforms such as: Tapas, Readdict, Dreame and Wattpad In addition to offering writing contests, it connects readers and writers through original works, allowing you to support your favorite authors with paid stories. Such apps are different from Audible, Kindle and Apple Books because are sites for freelance writers to share their work.

Our first recommendation for those who prefer to listen rather than read; Audible, Amazon’s monthly subscription audiobook and podcast serviceprovides access to one of the largest catalogs of audiobooks out there. Another option on Amazon is the Kindle and the retail giant’s ebook selection, with subscription plans such as Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading that allow for individual purchases.

On your own behalf Libby and Hoopla read apps that let you borrow books Electronics, audiobooks and magazines, a local library card, or movie, music and TV rentals through Hoopla.

Music for all tastes

Users use these apps more than Apple

app store

good idea to stick around SiriusXM, iHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio, broadcasting popular music, podcasts and stations. TuneIn sports and news with the option to stream live from CNN, FOX, and MSNBC, while Amazon Prime subscribers get discounts with a TuneIn Live subscription for Alexa devices.

For its part, the essential music streaming platform Music, bookmark and edit music videos, create playlists and share music with friends, as well as stream on any AirPlay-enabled device. Although it’s free, the subscription saves you from ads.

A large group of teens and artists run the music streaming platform audiomackLike SoundCloud, it allows smaller creators to share their music and build their audience directly from any platform. Of course, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and YouTube Music do not miss the list, with some of the largest music catalogs in the world.

especially SpotifyFirst place in the United States, 1.6 times more used than Apple Music and preferential treatment for students in its premium modality with attractive discounts.

Apps that turn on the TV

Despite AppleTV+puts quality before quantity compared to other streaming services, plays on the same pitch Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max, with disappearing content. While HBO Max is only just starting to stream, it already showcases a rich portfolio of Blockbuster content. Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video have been at the top of the US for a while now.

Among the free options for low-budget users, the recommendation is the leader. tub tvOwned by Fox with a selection of over 35,000 movies and TV shows on demand in HD resolution.

And cartoons could not be left out of a kingdom crowned by a kingdom. crispy roll Unlike all its competitors, has the world’s largest anime and manga collection; free with ads or ad-free by subscription.

Source: i Padizate

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