Apple TV+ continues to bet on international productions!

With his last mention, AppleTV+ It aims to meet the needs of any content platform that wants to be successful. Those who copied the formula of the television networks that prevailed in the nineties and early 2000s, respectively, and nothing more. broadcasting a medical drama.

As Apple confirms, Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín and Fremantle will shoot a new series based on the award-winning documentary “Midnight Family.””. The bid is betting the medical drama will be streamed in 10 episodes created for television by the winner of the Ariel Gibrán Portela Award (“Güeros,” “The Untamed”) and Julio Rojas (“La Jauría”).

This Apple TV+ will be the second collaboration between Fremantle and Beristáinwho before Directed two episodes of Apple Original “The Mosquito Coast”On the recordings of its second season in Mexico.

Spanish talent comes to Apple TV+


Apple TV+ content is getting more relevant

Currently filming in Mexico City, the series will feature an all-Spanish cast and crew led by Ariel Award Winner Joaquín Cosío (“Narcos: Mexico”, “Suicide Squad 2”), Renata Vaca (“Dale Gas”), Diego Calva. (“Babylon”, “Narcos: Mexico”), Academy Award nominee Yalitza Aparicio (“Roma”), Itzan Escamilla (“Elite”), José María de Tavira (“Nominated”) , Goya Award winner Óscar Jaenada (“Hernán” )”, “Luis Miguel: La Serie”), Dolores Heredia (“Cappadocia”, “El Chapo”), Mariana Gómez (“La Reina del Flow”) and Sergio Baptist.

“Midnight Family” follows Marigaby Tamayo (played by Vaca). An ambitious and talented medical student by day spends his nights saving lives in a Mexico City. fascinating, contrasting and expanding in his family’s private ambulance. Along with her father Ramón (played by Cosio) and brothers Marcus (played by Calva) and Julito (played by Bautista), Marigaby cares for a population of millions by dealing with extreme medical emergencies to make a living.

The spike in Apple TV+’s content offering not only includes content in different formats, but is also committed to international productions. Some on the platform, such as Acapulco and the long-awaited Korean drama Pachinko, are also adding the announcement of “Midnight Family,” the first drama to be shot entirely in Spanish.

Source: i Padizate

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