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Movies to watch this weekend on HBO Max, Prime Video and Netflix: The Masked Avenger, Superman and Space Travel


If you’re one of those who stayed at home for the holidays, you might be a little bored, as perhaps most channels air either Easter themed movies or reruns of programs.

That’s why we come with 3 recommendations from Netflix, HBO Max and Prime Video, so that at least the time passes a little faster, enjoying a good movie.

We present you with an animated vision of the moon landing in 1969, the mythical Superman and Henry Cavill, who succeeded Brandon Root, and the famous vigilante V, along with Natalie Portman, who became famous for her acting.

Apollo 10½: Space Childhood (2022)

Apollo 10½: space childhood

This film, with very characteristic animation, tells the story of the first the moon landing in the summer of 1969 from two interrelated perspectives: On the one hand, we will have the vision of an astronaut and how the mission unfolded until he managed to land, and on the other hand, we will have the eyes of a child who grew up in Texas and who has his own intergalactic dreams. .

It tells about the memories of the director Richard Linklater himself, at the time It shows us what society was like at the time and how this young man felt about it.

Judging by the comments, this is an absolutely breathtaking and amazing film. So if you want to enjoy it, it’s available on Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video

V for Vendetta (2006)

V for vendetta

V for Vendetta is an action drama. Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore. The action takes place in the year 2038 in Britain, after the rest of the world is facing a nuclear war. He presents us with an alternative vision of this country in which a totalitarian, corrupt and brutal government has risen to full power.

This is where the figure of V, the vigilante known by that name, appears, who will use terrorist tactics to fight the oppressors and ally with a young woman named Evie (Natalie Portman), whom he rescues from the secret police and whom he will stake in your purposes.

Today, this 2006 film is available on Movistar+.

Disney Plus Logo

Man of Steel (2013)

man of Steel

The great director Zack Snyder, Man of Steel or Man of Steel is the next Superman film after Superman Returns in 2006. However, this time our superhero doesn’t come with mesh, but with a pure armor style supersuit.

The story begins with the childhood of Clark Kent, our Superman. He came to this planet after his home planet Krypton was destroyed and his parents sacrificed themselves for him to rebuild their planet.

General Zod knows this and will try to destroy it. A war will begin between good and evil. Zod will try to restore his race by destroying people, and Superman will fight for us.

It’s available on HBO Max, in case you feel like watching it.

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